Before, to achieve a shouse ketch you had to find an expert, but thanks to Magicplan that changed forever. Download Magicplan and start using this app right now.

With Magicplan you can create sketches of your house using only the camera of your smartphone or tablet. Take pictures to create professional plans and you can easily convert them into a 3D space. If you need the plan of a room for a personal project, do not hesitate to download Magicplan.

Use Magicplan to make interior design easier

It is not surprising that Magicplan is one of the most awarded and well-known apps in stores. The ease with which the plans are created is surprising and the interface is so well designed that you will not need to be an expert to carry out the task. Using this app is a simple and quick solution for both professionals and ordinary people.

The way Magicplan works is very simple. Use the camera to scan the space you aim at and mark the space. Corner angles, doors and windows should also be marked to achieve exact accuracy. You can capture the rooms separately and then join them all in one plane.

The interface is very simple and everything is very well explained. When you download Magicplan, the first thing that appears is a window with different options. You can choose between working on a construction project, an insurance company, inspection, energy efficiency, a personal project and more.

How to download Magicplan?

You can download Magicplan is any of your mobile devices whether they are iOS or Android. It is a free download app but you must subscribe if you want to enjoy all the tools, including the 3D conversion of the plans, obtaining PDF and the interactive website.

If you need to create a plan quickly and without much effort, here is the link to download Magicplan.

Within the settings you can also calibrate the sensor, calculate its height and then calculate the height with respect to the floor and ceiling. You can also choose which metric system you work with. Magicplan works with the services of Google Maps and Apple, therefore, you can choose the appearance of the map, whether map, satellite or hybrid.

When creating a new map, you can choose between the dispatch option, which includes: office, shop or public space and Estancia. This refers to: house, apartment or condominium. The options within this app are quite specific so as not to lose any detail when making the plan.

Magicplan is a very useful app for a specific task. It is useful for the construction of plans for a remodeling or to locate new furniture inside your room. The ease of use, the ability to add notes, photos, price lists and more make them an incredible app. Download Magicplan and take advantage of the technology you have in your hands.

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