Math Riddles and Puzzles

Nothing better to challenge you than a good math puzzle; Black Games brings Math Riddles and Puzzles to you, a game with mathematical riddles that will put your intelligence to the test. Download Math Riddles and Puzzles right now and start playing this fun game.

Explore your ability to solve mathematical puzzles that are hidden under geometrical figures and streamline your mind while having fun, all at the same time.

Recognize patterns and solve problems through logic games, visual memory, puzzles, retentive games and more. Download Math Riddles and Puzzles and entertain while challenging and broadening your mind. If you want to know more about this game, keep reading this post.

Math Riddles and Puzzles is a fun game that will test your intelligence

The aesthetics of Math Riddles and Puzzles are incredible: minimalist and sober but it is still fun and engaging. The mechanics of the game is very simple, at the beginning you will see a menu with start options, levels, an option to follow them on your social networks, sound configuration and a last option to restart.

When you start playing you have a mathematical problem that you must answer with the calculator that appears below the screen. If you do not know the result, it does not matter; Math gives you the option to give you a clue or give you the solution to the problem if you see an ad.

Improve your concentration, your memory and increase your perception skills with Math. Play the 70 levels in your free time and discover all your capacity. Download Math Riddles and Puzzles on all your mobile devices and enjoy the best mathematical puzzle game.

Each step you take within the game is significant. Slowly this game is becoming more challenging and you will have the opportunity to train both parts of your brain.

Measure the time in which you solve each riddle and be aware of your improvements. Plant different solutions for each pattern and enjoy this app. Download Math Riddles and Puzzles and learn while having fun and in a relaxing way.

You should keep in mind that the battery consumption is a bit high when you are using the app and that Math is only available for Android devices. Start playing this game right now.

How to download Math Riddles and Puzzles

You can download Math Riddles and Puzzles for your Android Smartphone or tablet from Google Play. It is a completely free app and that is why it is based on the ads that are incorporated in the game. Adults and children can play and enjoy this app without any problem.

If you love Puzzles and math, you should give Math Riddles and Puzzles a try. It is an addictive game that you will not get tired of and once you finish it you will be asking for many more levels. Challenge your mind, solve riddles and have fun with Math. At the end of this post we leave you the link so you can download the game.

Video of Math Riddles and Puzzles
Download Math Riddles and Puzzles
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