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If you want to play an entertaining game based on a famous novel, you must download MazM: Jekyll and Hyde. This app will be very entertaining and interesting.

Robert Louis Stevenson's wrote a mystery novel in 1886 about the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Dr Jekyll tries to find a cure for a plague that is killing people in the city at the end of the 19th century. This plague has only affected adults. It is here that we become part of this story.

MazM has been responsible for developing a video game based on this novel and our job will be to get as many tracks. We will also know how the story develops first hand of its characters; and we will also help you solve these problems.

In the video game we can play with the two characters. Download MazM: Jekyll and Hyde right now.

This is all that MazM: Jekyll and Hyde brings for you

This incredible adventure game from MazM has managed to transform an incredible mystery novel into a fun videogame. The narrative of this game will keep us very attentive; Due to all that we will discover in the way that will make us doubt, you make decisions and also surprise us to discover the truth of everything.

Download MazM: Jekyll and Hyde is a very good option, since it has a very intuitive game system. In this we only have to touch the screen to move around our stage as we want.

If we approach another character or element that has the option of interaction we will see an icon that will be responsible for indicating it.

Not everything will look for clues and try to solve that great mystery. In the game we will have the option to play different puzzles and mini-games to be able to advance in each of these chapters that make up our game. If we previously managed to unlock these chapters then we can play them in the order we want.

In this game it is not of great importance that the users know thoroughly the original novel. It can be played without any problem without having knowledge of said work. The illustrations that make up Jekyll and Hyde are wonderful; they are works of art that manage to catch the player completely, transmitting all the mystery and darkness that surrounds this story.

How to download MazM: Jekyll and Hyde

You can download MazM: Jekyll and Hyde in the App Store and in Google Play for IOS and Android for free. Within the game you can make a payment to enjoy the app without any ads. Below we leave the link to download MazM: Jekyll and Hyde

You can download MazM: Jekyll and Hyde for all your mobile devices and play from anywhere without problem even if you do not have an internet connection. Have fun solving this mystery in a dark city like London in the nineteenth century.

Finding clues, enjoying stories and being part of that research are these attractions offered by this app. Get caught up in this videogame based on the novel by the great Robert Louis Stevenson's and be amazed with those cinematic scenes of the dialogues that will put you in full context within the story. Download MazM: Jekyll and Hyde now.


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MazM: Jekyll and Hyde

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