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Professional illustrators are always looking for new apps and tools to improve their work. Lately, a lot of apps have come out but only a few of them are specially focused on illustration. One of these apps is Medibang Paint. This is an app based on the popular PC software that will help you to create the drawings of your dreams. To start using this app you just need to download Medibang Paint and practice with it to get your drawings done.

Medibang Paint is a popular software that has years on the market. It is very complete and powerful for drawing and digital painting. Even though a lot of people out of the industry don’t know this tool, it is very well-known and used for professional illustrators. This is because it has different features that are specific for digital drawing. Let’s take a look at some of the features and then we will explain to you how to download this app easily.

Discover everything about Medibang Paint

If you want to start digital drawing and painting but you don’t know what to use, then you need to start with Medibang Paint. This app is very complete and it is design specifically for these type of jobs. The main different between this app and others, is that others apps are also used for photography retouch, graphic design and more. Instead, Medibang Paint is only for drawing and painting, so all the features and tools are focused on that.

On this app you can work on layers to make the job easier, and you can choose among 60 different brushes with different effects on each one, and you can even get up to 850 different textures. This allows you to create incredible paintings and drawings easily since you can adjust your tools like you need them to recreate your artistic vision.

Also, the app is not just for illustrators, but for every type of digital drawing and painting job. So, concept artists, designers, comics, painters and more have their place on this tool. And the best part is that if you download it on your mobile device or tablet, you can access and keep up working on the same pieces from your account. Synchronize your drawings and access to them from every device.

Sharing your drawings is pretty simple too. From the app you have the ability to share them directly on social media and other platforms like portfolios. This makes the whole process simple.

How to download Medibang Paint?

To download Medibang Paint you just need to tap on the download button that is on this post. This will take you to the right app store for you, Google Play Store or App Store. Once you are there, tap on the Install button, accept the terms and conditions of the app, and then wait a few minutes to get the app. Finally, the app will be installed and ready to use on your device. Your next step is to login or sign up to start drawing.

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Medibang Paint

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