Having the desire to read others, learn from other experiences, want to know about other topics and expand that perspective of the world is something that many would like to do regularly. If this is your passion, you should not hesitate to download Medium.

There are people who besides love it, share what they do, their opinions or maybe talk about a topic and want to express themselves. This is why there are vloguers or bloggers. You will find all this in Medium.

In the case of this post we will focus more on those bloggers who want to talk about everything they do and want to connect with others. The Medium app is an incredible blogging option; it works for free and allows you to write whatever you want.

This option is used by hundreds of professionals and fans who only want to share their point of view.

Enjoy everything that Medium brings for you

The Medium app has been created by the same Twitter entrepreneurs; and this is why they created an app where limitations between 140 characters will be overcome.

We will find an app with a minimalist interface that has been very pleasant to the user’s eyes.

The options to customize how you want your content to look are quite limited but that is why the app has such an impeccable aesthetic. It is also the same minimalism; which allows the reader to have no distractions at any time and only focus on reading.

To log in to Medium you must register and personalize your information and mainly the one you wish to share. Then you must place an image that identifies your page or yourself with your users.

You will also have to choose a cover image. Everything is very similar to Blogger or Tumblr at the moment we register and we share a series of information that will represent us.

For your registration you can synchronize your Facebook, Twitter or mail accounts with the app; so you can enter automatically. At the beginning of our tour we will see a home page where the app will make a story with the selection of our best editors of the day.

How to download Medium?

You can download Medium from the App Store and Google Play for free for your IOS and Android devices. Create, edit, share and read experiences without any problem at all times in a minimalist way and that traps users when using the app. Below we leave the link to download Medium.

Start to write about your experiences and connect with other users to know their stories at all times. Become that blogger who wants to share with others about their experiences. All this is possible by downloading Medium that could help you share everything you want.

Having the desire to write to help others or just to know that they are not the only ones to think or feel a certain way is incredible.

Have at hand these types of options and apps that help us meet those goals we want or improve them and evolve over time. Download Medium now.

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