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Creating a small city and taking it to the biggest has become one of the most narrative plots within simulation games. Download Megapolis to have fun creating a city.

Managing the finances of your city will become your number one goal. Have fun playing a good time with your friends if you wish and run your own city.

When playing Megapolis you will have to make a series of decisions to ensure the day to day of your citizenship. The growth, construction and work for the development of your resources will become the main activities of this wonderful game.

With Megapolis you can put your imagination to fly to create your city

The beginning of this video game begins with a tutorial that presents a series of characters that guide you in your raw activities. These characters advise you with these first purchases; from the resources and where to place them, for example the water service.

When completing each task you will earn rewards or coins that will let you evolve in your buildings. To get more inhabitants in your town you will have to place the most important for the population. From a market, water, electricity and to create more homes will be a main activity in your progress.

Paying close attention to the tutorial to start playing is essential; in this way the video game will be very easy to carry. And so each of the options you can use will be familiar.

Fulfill the missions assigned to us is very important because we charge our coins that let us go building more things.

A fun point of Megapolis is that we can entrust contracts to the production buildings we build. In this type of investment after a short time we will receive a large sum of money back.

You can monitor the status of your tasks within the sections of the game. We must not forget that this type of games perfectly simulate real life; and that one of our tasks is to grow the population of our city. For this we must focus on infrastructures that appeal to them.

From parks and recreation sites such as basketball courts will be our key to make our city desirable. Download Megapolis is to enjoy amazing 3D graphics that make everything more real for the player.

The factories in our city will be an incredible way to get money but we will always have to control their production. The most important currency of this game are the megadolares but they are extremely difficult to obtain, one of the simplest ways is to use real money within the app.

How to download Megapolis?

To download Megapolis you just have to go to Google Play or the App Store and download for free for Android and IOS.

Start directing your own city and make important decisions from the first moment to become an enviable metropolis. Below we leave the link to download Megapolis.

Megapolis is a game that can be connected with other platforms like Facebook to offer you a social experience to the fullest. By doing this we can invite our friends to become our neighbor in the game.

Video of Megapolis
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