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If you are looking to learn a new language but you find it challenging or difficult, don’t worry! Now, with all the progress on technology, we can find apps to learn new languages and explore all the different words and expressions easily. There are many apps that you can use to do this, but definitely one of the most popular is Memrise, a fairly recent app that is gaining popularity and will help you to learn many languages if you want. To find out how to download Memrise, keep reading this post.

Memrise works like a flash-card app, using the traditional method of flash cards to learn words. What are flash cards in this app? Generally is a paper with a word or phrase in it with the target language written on one side and the translation written on the other. You can, however, use the app to memorize and practice vocabulary from a variety of disciplines and fields.

All the things you can learn with Memrise

Memrise is a learning application focused on vocabulary that has been enhanced by modern technologies. Memrise uses mnemonics and spaced repetition to help you remember unexpected words and phrases, which they demonstrate by planting flowers. Unlearned vocabulary will appear as seeds. You then plant them (i.e., study) and watch them grow into a flower.

Both the website and the app have a user-friendly UI. It's simple to see what you need to do, and after a few minutes of scrolling around, you'll have the swing of using the program. You can choose the language you speak and the language you want to learn on the 'Courses' tab. After that, you'll see a list of all the courses that are available for this combination.

Languages on Memrise

You have a wide range of options in languages that you can pick, from widely spoken languages like French and Arabic to lesser-known languages like Polish and Mongolian, as well as more difficult languages like Cantonese and Persian. But this is not all.

You can also study Spanish varieties such as Mexican or Spanish from Spain, as well as Russian Cyrillic or one of the artificial or sign languages. Memrise offers lessons in a variety of languages, including Bahasa, Dutch, English, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Finnish, Japanese, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Nordic.The best thing is that the app is constantly developing and adding more languages, so you probably can find what you want in here.

How to download Memrise?

To download this app on your device, you just need to tap on the download button that is down below. This is going to take you to the app store you need, Google Play Store or the App Store. Once you're there, tap on the install button and accept the conditions of the app. In a couple of minutes you will be able to see the app on your device and you can start to use it. Once you download the app you are going to be able to learn any language you want in the best and simple way you can.


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