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As parents, taking control of what your children see on the internet and social networks can be complicated. While there is much content not suitable for minors, and there are also dangerous people with whom care must be taken and from which the minor must be protected. That’s why Facebook launched its messaging platform but with a version for children, where parents will have full control over it. Messenger Kids is an instant messaging app made mostly for six years old or fewer ages’ users. This app comes with the aim that the little ones can communicate with their relatives or with their friends in a totally safe environment. So for the parents can be aware of who their children talk on social networks, they should download Messenger Kids.

Messenger Kids is a Facebook app designed to ensure a safe space for the children to send messages comfortably to their relatives and closest friends. If you want to know more about this app that will be very useful with your children, in this post we show you how it works, and how you can download Messenger Kids.

How does Messenger Kids works

Messenger Kids does not require a Facebook account of the child; everything is controlled by parents through their profiles in the network. For this, in the first place, it will be an adult who will have to activate the account; and second, it offers a whole range of different functions to guarantee the safety of the child. In fact children can only chat with people from their contact list that the adult controls.

Only the parent’s friends will see the child’s Messenger profile and they can send them a request for friendship; on their part or on behalf of their children with linked accounts. It will be the parents who accept or not these requests. Messenger Kids even has software that detects unsuitable content and does not allow sharing them in the app. Also, in Messenger Kids there are no ads.

Download Messenger Kids will allow your little one to enjoy social networks but in a safe environment. As in the traditional app, Messenger Kids can send ‘stickers’, gifs, images, can make video calls with masks and filters, etc. In fact, the app comes loaded with filters and other fun tools aimed precisely at making them more fun for children.

How to download Messenger Kids

Download Messenger Kids is very easy and with this you can allow your kids to use social networks safely. It is available for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and devices with Android operating system. You only need a Facebook account in order to add an account to your child; so if you do not own one, you have to sign in. You can find Messenger Kids for free at the App Store (iTunes) and Google Play; just searching for it in its search bar. But, to make it easier for you at the end of this post we leave you the shortcuts so you can go right now to download Messenger Kids.

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