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Messenger Lite is a new app presented by Facebook. It comes to fulfill the functions of the original Messenger, but with many improvements included. This new version of the Facebook instant messaging app has been a success. Here’s what you should know about this app, its new features and how to download Messenger Lite.

Instant messaging applications are really popular. These allow us to be in contact with people and send as many messages as we want. If we have a good Wi-Fi connection the possibilities are unlimited. On the other hand, if we are using a data plan, sending and receiving messages consumes few data, so we can use them for a long time without wifi connection.

However, a small drawback has occurred. Instant messaging apps like Messenger have included many new features that make them much heavier and consume much more mobile data. Also, if we find ourselves in a place where the wifi is not powerful, the connection becomes slow and tedious.

It is just for this reason that Facebook has created Messenger Lite. Download Messenger Lite will help you save mobile data and it works on any type of internet connection.

How does Messenger Lite work?

Lite version of Facebook istant messaging platform that seeks to stick to the basics. This way it can be used in poor or low internet connections, including 2G. At the same time, it seeks to minimize the mobile data and battery waste of the Smartphone. Downloading Messenger Lite will be your best option to keep in touch even in conditions of bad internet connection.

This app is available just for Android. But one of its attractions is that it can be downloaded in almost all versions of this OS. That is to say, if you use a Smartphone that does not support the current versions of the OS, you still can download Messenger Lite.

New Facebook’s Messenger Lite includes the best features of Messenger but in a more compact version. With this you can send and receive messages, pictures and videos. Also send and receive stikers and gifs. And of course you can make voice calls and video calls for free if you have a wifi connection.

The app is ideal to have on your mobile to stay connected even in places where the internet connection is lousy. It is also a good option to use in emergencies when you do not have an optimal internet connection.

How to download Messenger Lite?

Download Messenger Lite is really easy. As we mentioned earlier, this app is available just for Android in almost all versions of the OS. You can find the app in the Play Store, but to facilitate the process, we have left the shortcut to the download at the end of this post.

The app is really light, so you can download it and start using it using the mobile data of your Smartphone. Messenger Lite is excellent to be downloaded in mid-rage Smartphones. Start enjoying this great app today.

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