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The difference between the user interfaces in the different houses of mobile devices is very wide. Between Android and IOS we can see the personal touch that puts each brand in your launcher. Download Microsoft Launcher to discover this tool.

This diversity does not have a negative meaning, in turn makes each device have a seal that suits different types of user.

The launcher of your device is what allows you to squeeze your functions to the maximum; allows you to customize with your style the way you see all the apps on your mobile. And it also helps you optimize the performance of it.

Discover what Microsoft Launcher brings for you

Microsoft surprises us again with the update of the well-known Arrow Launcher; now called Microsoft Launcher. With this app you can enjoy your mobile like never before.

Most Android phones or tablets come with a default launcher; but at the same time one of its best features is that you can still change them.

By downloading this app you will allow the design of your interface to change completely. You will observe how the organization and presentation of your apps take a new form. For many the style in which the options and sections are presented are essential; and that’s why Microsoft Launcher is the best app we can recommend.

By sliding the screen of our desktop to the left side we will find a Microsoft search engine. Here we can see all kinds of news from different sources to easily read them at any time. Also, from this same search engine the app brings us the most used apps; like our calendar, contacts, files and we can do online searches.

We will have the option to customize the wallpaper; either with images that the app brings or with images that we have in our gallery. Another incredible option is that you can choose the design of the folders in which you save your apps. A very useful feature is the option to activate notification signals for each app.

In the search engine of Microsoft Launcher we can customize our search engine. The app will bring the Bing search engine by default; but we can change it to Google, Yahoo !, AOL and Ask without any problem. You can also do your searches by voice and adjust it to the language that suits you best.

Widgets are another wonderful option of this app. When entering this section we will find a great variety of them that we can predetermine in our interface to make our experience much easier.

How to download Microsoft Launcher?

You can download Microsoft Launcher by going to Google Play. You will find it for free. Turn the use of your mobile into an experience full of possibilities to facilitate all your activities. Below we leave the link to download Microsoft Launcher.

The biggest utility when downloading Microsoft Launcher is that we can log in to the Microsoft account from our mobile; and so this will be linked to our computer that uses Windows 10. This option will let us have access to the files that we have on our computer at any time.

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