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The advance of technology continues to improve every second, there are new apps on a daily basis and all this to make our daily life much simpler and more enjoyable. Download Microsoft OneDrive to enjoy many incredible tools.

Previously we did not have access to information so immediately and could even be said free. Nowadays things have changed and they will continue to do so to surprise us.

Surely it happened to all of us at some point that we were working on some very important project and on the day of delivery we forgot the USB in our house.

Then to forget about it came cloud storage. In this post we recommend you download OneDrive from Microsoft so that you can access your files from anywhere.

Microsoft OneDrive is a tool that you must have in your smartphone

OneDrive is an app that allows the user to store all the files they need in the cloud; so you can access them anywhere at the time you need.

This service is associated with a account,,, among others. Most users will have access to their free plan that gives you a 5GB space mainly.

If users need more space, they can access other types of paid subscriptions that have a much larger storage plan. The attractiveness of this app is that you can save photos, videos, files, create documents and then edit, download or share them without any problem.

Note that to view any Office file that we have saved in this app does not need to be downloaded to have any changes. We can do everything online and thus not fill the memory of our mobile without need.

Having Office online at our disposal will let us work with documents for text, make presentations and even spreadsheets. Everything so that we can work with comfort.

If your biggest concern is those multimedia files that you have in your mobile memory, OneDrive allows you to upload all this content in the cloud. So you can access them from any mobile device. Also from the app you can directly share your photos to social networks like Facebook.

If we have hundreds of stored files and we need to find one in a hurry we will not necessarily have to go to the app to search. Now we can anchor that specific folder that we use most in our main screen of our device. Download OneDrive assures us practicality and speed.

How to download Microsoft OneDrive?

You can download OneDrive in the App Store or in Google Play for IOS and Android and start using the free plan.

Have access to your files and photos from anywhere and easily find those documents you need thanks to all the options that this app has for you. Below we leave the link to download Microsoft OneDrive.

A wonderful option of this app is the access that gives Skype to make video calls when we need it most. If we are doing a job in Office, we can call a partner.

In this way you can communicate even more easily online without having to download Skype for desktop. Download Microsoft OneDrive right now.

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Download Microsoft OneDrive
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