Minecraft is one of the most interesting mobile games today. You can download Minecraft right here using the download button, or find it in your device’s official store. Minecraft is all about building a 3D world of varying terrains and habitats by digging (mining) and building (crafting) different kinds of blocks.

It doesn’t sound like much, but trust me, there’s more to this game than meets the eye. You will be exploring a world where the sun rises and sets according to you going about what you’re doing.

You gather materials and make tools, and you can tame animals for farming or for food. You might also need to survive and fight against hunger, danger and bad guys, depending on which mode you choose to play.

There aren’t lots of preset goals, nor are there many steps to take. Your imagination plays it all. But the basic idea of Minecraft is that you start in survival mode.

First, you find yourself standing in a random sunny spot, with trees, grass, snow, mountains or water all around you, with some gentle sounds of animals nearby.

The first job you need to do is to find and punch down a tree to get some wood to make planks to make a crafting table out of it. You can convert any leftover wood into a pickaxe to dig down into the ground and collect coal and cobblestone. Those will help you make some torches and more tools and weapons; tools that will be very useful for you to build a shelter and protect you and when the monsters come out at night.

Then, you’ll get busy building a more substantial house to protect you from the monsters: putting together a furnace for smelting, crafting tools and weapons, making chests to keep all your stuff in, finding sheep so you can make a bed, and securing some kind of food source.

How to play Minecraft

First of all, Minecraft is a sandbox game; its players create the game themselves by managing the world within it. There are no specific goals, so every player has a different experience. All you have to do is keep yourself alive. You can explore caves to search for valuable ores. Or you might decide to fight creatures and start building elaborate weapons and traps. You might even go finding villages and temples, or even abandoned mine shafts. You can decide to build up a city or create a farm. You will start to have endless opportunities and decisions that are only limited by your own skills and imagination.

Each new game creates a new Minecraft world. You can have multiple worlds if you like, and you can choose a different one each time you play to roam around in. These large worlds are filled with different types of terrain and creatures, and lots to explore.

You can customize each world’s experience and it can be a single player or a multiple player game. The game has two modes:

  1. Creative, where you have blocks and items in an unlimited numbers so you can build and survive;
  2. and Survival mode, where you have to look for and build everything you need to survive from starving, being injured or attacked by monsters.

How to download Minecraft

For iOS devices, you need to visit the App Store to download the game to your iOS device directly. You can also go through your computer’s iTunes and sync your device. For Android devices, you can also download Minecraft from the Play Store.

You’ll see that this game is so much more than the blocks it’s made of!

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