If you are interested on meeting new people, this is the right app for you. Dating apps are everywhere and you can find a lot of options. However, finding the right app for you can be difficult. Are you looking for the love of your life? Or maybe just new friends? It doesn’t matter, Mint is the perfect ally. This app is one of the most complete and easy to use out there, so you have a guarantee to have fun while using it. Download Mint and you can start enjoying it already! On this post we will explain you how to do it and what Mint has to offer.

Meet new people online with Mint

Meeting new people and having dates has never been so easy. If you have a busy life, tight schedule and have no idea how to meet new people, maybe you need a little bit of help. The internet made it easy, and Mint is your best ally. On this app you can find people near to you to chat or date. You can personalize what you are looking for, so you will meet people with the same interest. So, how to start using Mint?

First, you need to download Mint and sign up using Facebook. Don’t worry, the app won’t post anything without your permission. Then you can complete your profile with your picture, age, interest, where you live or what you do and more. If you don’t want people to know some personal information like age or where you live, you can hide this. Once you are done, you can start looking for people all around the world to chat.

On the main page you will see the boys or girls that are online at the moment and you can also see what people are near you. If you slide to the right, you will see a new profile; if you slide to the left, you will see a previous one. If you see someone interesting, you can mark them as a favorite to start chatting with that person. You can also see who have marked you as favorite.

As you can see, this app is very simple and fun. You won’t have any issues and you might find the love of your life. If you want to start using it, keep reading to know how to download Mint.

How to download Mint?

This app is available for iOS and Android. If you want to download Mint on Android, you need to open Google Play on your phone and search for the app. Once you find it, tap on it and the tap on the Install button. Accept the terms and conditions and wait for a few minutes until is done. You can also download an APK file and install it in your phone.

If you have an iOS you need to open the App Store and look for the app. You will see the download button right there, tap on it and then tap on Install. Wait for a few minutes and it will be done on your phone. You can also download Mint through iTunes. Look for the app, download it and then transfer it to your phone.


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