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We all like to take incredible photos to share on our social networks and also surprise our followers with our way of seeing things. Currently there are different editing apps that give us a wide range of options to make our pictures even better. Download Mirror Lab to discover an app totally different from what you know.

The Mirror Lab app has come to surprise us once again. Besides being an editing app, it brings a series of tools that offer us even more impressive results. We can play with the reflections and we will also give a different and unique effect to those photographs.

All these options will be easy to use on any image that we have in our gallery. Download Mirror Lab right now.

Mirror Lab is a one-of-a-kind photo editing app

The main option of this app is to let us play with reflexes. As the name says, we can apply a distortion effect to our image in a simple way, obtaining results never seen before. The menu is completely simple and friendly at first glance, so we will know what to do as soon as we enter this tool.

Mirror Lab has a great variety of effects that are predetermined by default that leave us different results and quickly. The fractal effects, kaleidoscopic and all these effects of mirrors will catch us in the first attempt. The manual mode can also be very useful because we can make modifications to our liking and customize everything we want.

Modifying the symmetry of our image will be totally possible. In addition we can add color to our photo, as many as we want. You have the option to add any type of color to a specific point that you think you need to highlight. This app allows you to create all kinds of compositions.

Every modification we make will be in real time. We can go visualizing each adjustment in our image. The editing is quick and easy, you will not have to wait a long time for your edition to be ready and complete. It is a quick app to get results in a few seconds, download Mirror Lab.

How to download Mirror Lab?

You can download Mirror Lab in the App Store and in Google Play for IOS and Android. Have fun converting your images into a unique and incredible world that will surprise everyone else and also have your personal touch. Below we leave the link to download Mirror Lab.

Download Mirror Lab and enjoy a free app. If you include some effects that are blocked and to enjoy them you will have to make an extra payment for your pro version. With this app you will have unique and personalized results to give life to the feed of your social networks and show everyone your good taste.

Among the effects we have to convert our image are: the dual effect; This allows us to reflect the image we have in different combinations. The quad, here we can repeat our image up to four times and we can also combine it as we wish. Download Mirror Lab and enjoy all these filters and many more tools.

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Mirror Lab

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