Mirror’s Edge Companion

In 2016, Electronic Arts launched a great launch in the world of video games, called Mirror’s Edge. Download Mirror’s Edge Companion and start playing this game in a better way.

Within this game we are located in a modern city and we had to face armed police officers, although in reality our goal was to flee before fighting.

It is a game that transmits us a lot of emotion since we must be alert all the time. Start living the fun of this game.

In Mirror’s Edge you must discover the way as you advance this makes that we need good reflexes in case of any attack.

That is why this new proposal called Mirror’s Edge Companion will allow us and help to keep track of our progress and also provide us with a three-dimensional map of the city.

Download Mirror’s Edge Companion to get the best out of Mirror’s Edge

It is important to start by saying that this app is not the main game, it is a tool that will allow us to give a better play. By using this app we will have a clearer vision on a 3D map of our entire city; this will let you visualize at what point we are and how your friends are.

You will have a view of the map with an increased zoom to give you a much wider view. Mirror’s Edge Companion will let you follow your friends and other players and not lose sight of their activity. If you want to evaluate your progress, follow closely your evolution and know the data of your friends

By downloading Mirror’s Edge Companion you will know everything you want from Mirror’s Edge Catalyst; thanks to the database of intelligence and culture that is available. By using this app you can unlock elements of your badge as a runner by following the achievements and tests in the game. Create badges and mark the content you prefer as a favorite.

If you are a fan of Mirror’s Edge do not miss the opportunity to get the best out of your game with this complementary app. You can get extra points and many improvements within the game using this amazing app. Download Mirror’s Edge Companion right now on your Smartphone.

How to download Mirror’s Edge Companion

You can download Mirror’s Edge Companion in the App Store and in Google Play for IOS and Android for free. Help Faith, our main character to get that heroin position that the city needs. Below we leave the link to download Mirror’s Edge Companion.

Creating your own challenges is entirely possible using this app. Save information and data about your careers and the sites you have visited in the city is an option in this app. Now you will not lose sight of these markers of time trials and game races.

We recommend you have a stable internet connection to play without problems. Remember that this app works as a complement for those who use consoles to play. Download Mirror’s Edge Companion and get the most out of this tool to be the best.

Video of Mirror’s Edge Companion
Download Mirror’s Edge Companion
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