Monster Legends

If your favorite games are those of quests and combats, Monster Legends is the perfect game for you. It is a multiplayer game in which you can challenge other monsters masters and win trophies until you become the leader of the legendary leagues. Download Monster Legends right now.

When you download Monster Legends you will test your biggest strategies; so you can take your monsters to higher levels where you will receive rewards and you can help them become much stronger.

The objective of this game is to raise monsters and make them stronger and stronger so that they can climb levels. Battles are not the only important thing in Monster Legends; you must perform a series of activities apart from fighting to be able to grow.

Discover Monster Legends, an incredible adventure game

In Monster Legends you are the leader and that’s why you have to feed, breed and train legendary monsters. In the game you have different ways of getting new characters; you can buy them, incubate them to pair them, sell them or simply make them stronger during the matches.

There are different types of monsters; these are classified by elements, there are 9 and 5 types. Depending on what you are acquiring you can go up the level.

Among the types of monsters are: the common ones that have a single element and can reach level 40; until you have a legendary monster that reaches level 100.

When you download Monster Legends and start the game you will realize that your options to improve are endless. Inside the game there is a daily bonus that can help you collect more coins than you thought.

Download Monster Legends and collect more than 400 monsters, without naming those that the game adds weekly to surprise you. Join the more than 60 million players worldwide and turn your legendary monsters into heroes.

You can also unlock spaces for your monsters; from a mountain to the important laboratory of monsters. By building worlds you will achieve new species.

An exciting feature is the multiplayer bouts. Here you can fight against monsters masters and improve your score in order to have better rewards.

Within this option you can create strategies with other players and beat others on the battlefield. Invite your friends and test their strategies as a team. Download Monster Legends and join the fun with all your effort to reach legendary leagues.

How to download Monster Legends?

To download Monster Legends you can go directly to GooglePlay and App Store for Android and IOS and play for free. Within the app you will find an option to become Premium by paying the subscription with real money.

Take this opportunity to download Monster Legends and have fun helping your monsters become the best and prove to others that you are the best on the island.

Monster Legends is a role-playing game in which you can show your opponent in special events that your strategy is invincible. Do not settle for common monsters, upgrade them and strategically arm your teams to win.

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