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Did you know that the position of the moon respect with the earth greatly influences your daily life and daily tasks? This particularity of our natural satellite has been studied for years, and now you can have all the information of the lunar calendar on your mobile device with the Moonly app.

Moonly is a great app where you will get all the current information about the lunar phases, the position of the moon and its calendar, along with other tools that will be very useful for your daily life.

What is a lunar calendar for?

The lunar calendar is used to know at all times the position of the moon respect to the sun and the earth. Thanks to these changes in positions we can see the different moon phases: full, waxing or waning moon. Thanks to this we can know the influence that these positions have on the zodiacal signs, in daily tasks such as gardening and agriculture, among other things.

Moonly shows you a complete lunar calendar to help you closely follow the phases of the moon and how they can influence your daily life.

Check the rhythm of the moon in your sign

Moonly shows you how the current position and the moon phase influences your sign, because according to astrology, the energy of this space object defines certain behaviors for each zodiac sign.

Create lunar rituals

The lunar positions also concentrate the energy necessary to fill you with good vibes and create rituals that help you feel better to make wishes that you really want. Moonly contains different rituals that you can carry out, especially during the full moon phase.

Check astrological holidays

Thanks to the lunar phases and the rotation of the sun there are different important astrological events. With the Moonly app you will not miss any, you can know the exact date on which these will occur and know the complete information of why this event is happening.

Learn Runes

Learn more about this mysterious and ancient language thanks to Moonly, as it will show you a different rune daily to learn its meaning and interpretation. Thus, you will learn about these ancient symbols without much effort, just by consulting the Moonly app.

Healing to increase your positive energy

Moonly contains healing and relaxation options that you can use on a daily basis to increase your positivity and attract good vibes. You will have different relaxation sounds that you can select at any time to accompany you in your daily tasks, as well as guided meditations that help you focus and relieve the tensions that come with daily life. In addition to this, you will find daily affirmations that help you improve your positivity and self-esteem, attract only positive energy.

Moonly is a tool that every lover of the moon and astrology must have on their mobile device, as they will be able to learn more and more every day not only about this beautiful natural satellite, but also recharge their energies, learn more about their zodiac sign and much more.

How to download Moonly?

This interesting app is available on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices. You can download Moonly directly from your applications store and start using the app right now. To make things easier, we will leave the download links at the end of this post. Start learning more about astrology with Moonly.


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