For sure you (and everyone) have once look out the window and see that it is pouring rain while the weather app on your Smartphone shows a radiant sun. Not only the pre-installed app of our phone activated with the location system, there are also dozens of weather app that are too wrong, because their update is not in real time. If you are looking for an accurate weather application, Morecast is currently the best choice. Let’s see now how to download Morecast.

You will never see that difference between your Smartphone and reality. This app integrates data from thousands of local weather stations as well as their own data centers distributed throughout the planet, as Morecast uses an algorithm created by them to predict the time and manages to bring a very accurate forecast to your Smartphone. Morecast updates the weather data in real time, which is more frequent than many others.

How does Morecast Work

The application is very intuitive and has an elegant design. On your main screen you can see information about the current weather conditions. Just by sliding your finger we can see precipitation data, wind speed and forecast of temperatures. Sliding the finger to the other side we can access updated graphs that show the temperature, humidity, wind, rain or UV ray index for that day. In addition to the temperature of sensation, data that is very useful, because it offers an idea of ​​what that we will feel abroad. Download Morecast is worth it.

Morecast offers a combination of several premium features in a free app, as well as a large number of extra features; an interactive Doppler radar, hourly weather forecast, tracking on your trips, wind speed, comparison of weather in different locations and a feed with the possibility of seeing weather conditions in real time in thousands of places around the world.

You can access advanced graphics about the specific location that allow you to consult a lot of things; the atmospheric pressure, the amount of rainfall, the cloudiness, the humidity, and much more. These graphics can be expanded to offer data at 24 hours, a week, or two weeks, so you can plan all your activities. This app allows you to trace a route to avoid bad weather on your trips. Satellite radar records meteorological systems from all over the planet. You can check the forecast of 7 or 14 days by just moving a finger.

The application also includes a Share button with which you can share the weather situation of your location on Facebook or Twitter. Also, you can upload or search  photos in the Morecast community.

How to Download Morecast

To download Morecast is very easy and completely free. It has a Premium subscription option that does not include advertising. You can get it for iOS in the App Store. It requires internet connection to update data in real time. Here we will leave you the links so you can download it easily. Start now to be informed of the weather at all times.

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