Mushroom Guardian

Mushroom Guardian

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Mushroom Guardian

A good platform game never comes in a bad moment; Guardian Mushroom by Mariano Larronde brings back to glory the ancient action games. Enjoy the ultimate adventure and save the kingdom with the fun characters of this very entertaining game. Be the hero of this incredible story and download Mushroom Guardian right now.

Manage to stop the evil King Toad and his army and recover the magic mushrooms to restore balance in the forest. Do not miss out on an adventure full of magic and an epic soundtrack with Mushroom Guardian. Start playing this fun game right now on your mobile devices.

Enjoy the adventures that Mushroom Guardian brings to you

The gameplay of this fun game is very simple and easy to learn. You will take the role of the Igory gnome and you will have to cross different paths until you reach the Toad King’s lair and can face it to recover all the fungi.

To complete your journey, you must jump, roll on the ground, fly and shoot arrows at your enemies. You will have the support of Ziggy, a vigilant rabbit that will help you locate your enemies on the map.

Download Mushroom Guardian and enjoy some incredible and colorful graphics; But also a soundtrack that fits them perfectly and crosses 20 fun levels that will leave you asking for more.

The difficulty of the game increases with each level; some levels you will have to play them several times if you want to complete them perfectly.

Mushroom Guardian is a title that reminds you of old platform games; you have a clear objective and the difficulty is in the ability you have to advance in the levels. It is a very entertaining game that helps you to clear up in your spare time.

Within the platform game you will also find a way to play miji-games, like archery. And you have the possibility to challenge a friend who has also downloaded Mushroom Guardian.

This first version of the game is very entertaining and works perfectly to achieve your goal. The quality of the graphics is very good and once again we named the soundtrack; because it is the perfect complement that ends up putting together this simple but very good title.

Enter the forest, escape from the mine, collect all the diamonds, confront the enemies and recover all the magic mushrooms of the evil haunches of King Sapa with Mushroom Guardian. Download this game on any of your devices and we assure you that you will not regret it.

How to download Mushroom Guardian?

You can download Mushroom Guardian on your iOS and Android devices in App Store and Google Play app stores. For Android users it is a free download game but for Apple users it costs $ 1.99.

Enjoy this game and enjoy hours while you are an adventurous gnome. Do not miss the opportunity to be the hero of the forest and defeat King Sapo. Download Mushroom Guardian for your maximum fun. At the end of this post we leave you the download link.

Video of Mushroom Guardian
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