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If you are interested in improving your knowledge in music theory, the Okram App developers bring you Music Theory; the best app with all the information you need Download Music Theory Helper right now on your smartphone and start learning music.

By downloading this amazing app you can practice the basic theory you need to start reading music and encourage you to play your instrument.

This great app has everything you need, complete information on Chords, Circle of fifths, values ​​of the notes, Silences, Scales and everything else. You can also enjoy 4 exercises available. Download Music Theory Helper and have this musical tool in your pocket.

Start learning music wherever you want with Music Theory Helper

The positive thing about Music Theory Helper is that thanks to the audios it brings, you can associate theory with sound. With just opening this app you will have all the help you need to remember the melody and you can find the real tone of any song.

No matter where you are, you will get the notes you were looking for thanks to Music Theory Helper. Its minimalist and modern design make the learning environment pleasant; and it helps you to concentrate on what is really important: music theory.

Music Theory Helper is very fun as well as being a very useful app. Within what would be a kind of toolbar or sections, you have the option of displaying a digital piano or keyboard to create music that you like.

It is never too late to continue learning music or start doing it; and when you download Music Theory Helper you can continue having fun anywhere.

This app is only available in English but its interface is friendly; this app uses many symbols so anyone can understand the universal language of music.

The exercises he offers complement the theory very well; there are 4 and they are divided into: Intervals, an exercise to listen. Reading notes: an exercise to practice reading notes; an exercise of chords: another to listen and finally, an exercise of intervals but of reading.

Download Music Theory Helper if you need an interactive tool and all the information you need.

How to download Music Theory Helper

Music Theory Helper is an app that at the moment is only available for Android devices; you can find it and download it from Google Play.

It is an app suitable for all audiences and the vast majority of comments are positive in the app stores and users comment that they have improved with their instruments thanks to Music Theory Helper.

This is an app that has a very good score and is completely free.If you are starting out in the world of music or you have taken time but want to perfect your knowledge of music theory, we recommend Music Theory Helper.

Download this app and learn in an easy, fast and interactive way. At the end of this post we leave the link so you can download Music Theory Helper is your Smartphone or tablet.

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Download Music Theory Helper
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