If you are a fan of music players and apps that help you keep all your songs organized by genres and folders, we recommend you to download Musicana.

This ingenious app organizes all your music and gives you free access to the most popular streaming playlists in the world. Listen to the best songs whenever you want and in the simplest way on your mobile device.

Musicana is an app that came out in 2018 and promises to be one of the best music players on the market today.

If you are a fan of the most talked about songs of the moment, download Musicana. You will always find 50 popular songs worldwide as a recommendation and with streaming playback option.

Listen to all the music you want with Musicana

The design of Musicana is quite minimalist and its modern colors attract at first sight. Despite its incredible interface, it’s not the first thing that catches you when you download it. The amount of features or options it brings are unique to find in a single app.

Upon entering the app you will see a series of tabs that locate the songs of your cell phone; online songs, artists, albums, genres, playlists and folders. By selecting one you can start playing music immediately.

Musicana is a perfect app to organize your music. Something wonderful to download Musicana is that just listen to a new song, you can go to the option to download the lyrics and read it while listening to the same app.

Another striking feature is that by going to the online music section, you can listen any of the 50 most popular recommended songs using wifi or mobile data.

And you can add the one you like to your playlist in Musicana or your favorites; so you can listen to it immediately whenever you want.

When you download Musicana you can also have online access to the most popular artists and a list of their 50 most played songs in different multiplatform music.

If you are someone who loves to listen to music all day, you have the option to use Musicana’s search engine. Here you will find the song or album of the artist you want. All this for free.

As we had said at the beginning, the design of this app captures the user a lot. When playing a song, the song duration can be displayed in a dynamic and animated way.

You can also customize your wallpaper within the app; or place if you want to see the album screen while playing and change the style of your player.

How to download Musicana?

You can download Musicana for free from Google Play for Android. For the moment, it is not available for iOS.

When you download this app you will be surprised with the amount of free and simple options that you have so you can listen to all the music you like with a modern, friendly and fast design from the comfort of your cell phone.

Here you have the direct link so you can download Musicana on your device.

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