My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela

Download My Talking Angela, the new version of My Talking Tom to have a fun virtual pet on your Smartphone.

Having a pet in real life may not be a viable option for many, either because it requires time of care that we do not have, we need space in our house to give comfort or simply give us some type of allergy.

That is why games like Tamagotchi became such a popular option for many.

The My Talking Angela app is the perfect outlet if you want to have a virtual pet to take care of at all times.

Those who played with My Talking Tom will surely have seen this kitten named Angela, since she is his girlfriend in adulthood. In this app we will see Angela as a baby and we will have to take care of her to see her grow. Download My Talking Angela and have fun with this game.

With My Talking Angela children will have hours of fun

The main character of this game is a cat named Angela that we will know being very small. Our task will be to accompany and guide her until she is an adult.

We will have to teach him to do any kind of homework. It is important that we teach him to do basic activities of the day to day; like brushing teeth, buying clothes, eating, we will have to comb it and other things.

Angela is a very flirty cat who likes to get ready and also enjoys trying new things; Make up will be one of the activities you will enjoy the most.

As players we can be part of Angela’s style; we have the option to use all the clothes we want to show her a style that we like. We can also choose your color and haircut.

Not everything is about fixing the presentation of our beloved cat, here we can also decorate your home, choose the furniture and decorative elements that we want to use to make your home a more welcoming place.

To have many more elements to choose from we will have to unblock them with the so-called stickers. These are earned with the care we give Angela or buying them with real money. Download My Talking Angela to start playing.

How to download My Talking Angela

You can download My Talking Angela in the App Store and in Google Play for IOS and Android for free. Enjoy with Angela and her incredible fashion world.

Become your best friend and take advantage of playing with those options within a single app. Below we leave the link to download My Talking Angela.

By downloading My Talking Angela we will not only find an adorable kitten to accompany; we will also get a series of mini-games of all kinds that in addition to giving us much more fun will give us rewards that allow us to acquire more clothes, accessories or items to decorate your home.

This app is very simple when playing what makes it ideal for the little ones in the house. When starting to use our app all the menus that we have at our disposal are previously explained so that we know all our options when playing.

We recommend downloading My Talking Angela. It is a nice app to look at, we will see that between its graphics and design the presentation of our character predominates, which in turn turns out to be extremely expressive.

Spend the best moments of your day caring and giving everything to your new pet Angela, the most adorable cat in the virtual world. Download My Talking Angela now.

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