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For a few years the basketball fans had stayed on the bench waiting for a new game. EA finished with this wait and brought the video game for mobile devices called NBA Live Mobile. This app has come to surprise us all with all the facets of the game that we can find. Download NBA Live Mobile and the fun begins.

We recommend this app for you to be surprised by excellent graphics and animations. It is important to note that you will need an internet connection at any time if you want to play NBA Live Mobile; as you advance you will have to download some elements, you will enter to online events, among other activities.

NBA Live Mobile is an incredible game for basketball lovers

When starting our tour within the videogame we will be presented with the challenge of creating a team to compete within the league in teams of five against five. By having your players ready you can choose your game mode; either career or an online game with players from around the world.

When we download NBA Live Mobile we will see the game mode recognized in FIFA by EA called Ultimate Team. This will allow the player to create his team without limitations depending only on his abilities. During the game we will notice that our role will be the general manager to improve and in the games we will be players.

As we play the app will send us challenges with different goals that we will have to meet. In this way the game never becomes boring. Online or Live games will be present throughout the year. One of the options is called face to face in which you can compete with players from anywhere in the world.

The gameplay of this app is quite comfortable and simple. You can handle from the movement of the player who carries the ball to the passes and the shot. To be a mobile game is quite useful and acceptable. The experience with the touch screen will be pleasant; and you will not have anything to miss from the video game consoles at any time during your games.

How to download NBA Live Mobile?

You can download NBA Live Mobile on Google Play and the App Store for Android and IOS. We remind you that to have a good experience playing you must have a good internet connection during all the games. Below we leave the link to download NBA Live Mobile.

As the main player you will have to take care of the selection of players and you will be able to sign the stars of the NBA. You can choose retired or new characters in this sporting world. For this, the level of your resources will be taken into account as your weaknesses and strengths. This will let you have a good team within the competitions.

We recommend you to follow the most updated version of the saga of basketball games based on the US and Canada league. We assure you a game full of fun and challenges with your friends and people internationally easily.

Many players have claimed to feel nostalgic to play this new version that reminds them of the original 1994 EA. Download NBA Live Mobile right now on your Smartphone.


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NBA Live Mobile

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