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Currently many parents have decided to give smartphones to their young children, but although it can be a great help to keep in touch with your little ones, this can be dangerous. There are many risks on the Internet for young children and you as a parent should be aware of this. Download Net Nanny and discover how you can protect the safety of your children. Do not waste any more time and start right now to use this fantastic app.

Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this fantastic app. Net Nanny will be a perfect tool to take care of the safety of your children while using the internet from your Smartphone. Discover all that this fantastic app has to offer and do not leave your children at risk of what may happen.

If you want to discover everything that Net Nanny has for you, you just have to continue reading this post. Here we tell you everything you need to know about Net Nanny, how this app works and how you can protect the safety of your children at all times. Discover this amazing app and do not miss the opportunity to keep your children safe.

Protect your children on the internet completely using Net Nanny

That your small children have a Smartphone can be really useful. In this way you can be in contact with them at all times and they can enjoy all the advantages of these wonderful devices. However, this can also be a bit dangerous because of all the risks that exist for children on the internet. This is why Net Nanny exists.

Net Nanny is a wonderful app that will allow you to follow everything your children do on their devices in real time. If your children enter a dangerous website or receive messages or calls from a number that is not registered, you will receive a notification. You can even interfere in some risky activity by blocking your child’s device.

In addition to this you can control the screentime that your children have daily. If you download Net Nanny on your children’s Smartphone or Tablet you will be able to configure a predetermined screentime per day, and when the set time passes, the device will be blocked.

You will also have a notification if your children want to make a purchase online and can only proceed with the purchase if you authorize from your device. Start right now to enjoy everything that Net Nanny has for you. Safety is always the most important thing.

How to download Net Nanny?

If you want to enjoy this fantastic app you should only download Net Nanny on your mobile device and your children’s device. This way you can synchronize both devices to be able to follow everything they do in real time. You will find this app for Android and iOS from Google Play and App Store.

Start right now to use Net Nanny on any of your devices. This app will be a great help to protect the safety of your children at all times.

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