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Using our mobile device during the day can cause our eyes to end exhausted at the end. It is also true that many nights in which we can’t sleep and we unveil watching memes on social networks or watching videos on YouTube can make our sleep time affected by the amount of brightness our eyes have received. This is why you must download Night Owl.

Night Owl is an app that manages to solve this type of problems with the brightness of the screen of our mobile. Thanks to its functions we can configure the amount of brightness to avoid headaches if we are in a dark place that makes us strain our eyes.

Download this app to turn your device into your ally so you can enjoy all the content on your mobile without consequences.

Night Owl is an excellent tool to configure the brightness of your screen

Among the features of this app we have the function of darkening the screen regulating the brightness to our liking. We can regulate the intensity of white apps with a blue light filter; and also has the ability to adjust the colors of the filters according to your preferences. Do not miss the opportunity to download this amazing app to protect your eyesight.

One of the best features of this app is that you can automate its function. It gives you the opportunity to program your on and off manually or with the Sun timer mode.

With this you can synchronize the on and off with the time zone and your location. Download Night Owl will make you feel that your health is first since you will be working on protecting your sight at any time.

This app also works by activating our GPS; this makes our location registered so that the app is activated at dusk and deactivates automatically on the day. It is amazing because if we let it happen at some point the app is responsible for reminding us and taking care of our sight.

How to download Night Owl?

You can download Night Owl from Google Play for Android for free. Do not miss this opportunity to take care of your eyes at all times, even when you do not remember that you should do it, the app will do it for you.

It is a completely free app, free of ads that will not interrupt your time on your mobile. Below we leave the link to download Night Owl.

Night Owl allows you to share your platform with other social networks so you can invite your friends and family to protect your sight at all times. The interface of this app is totally friendly at first glance; it contains a series of colors that make it look modern and also has different sections to open our possibilities.

Another option that gives us this app is that we can modify or adjust our settings directly from the notifications without having to enter the tool. This will make everything much faster and easier. The funny thing is that we have widgets to customize the presentation of our functions.

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Night Owl

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