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Exercise apps have become one of the most popular during recent times. This is added to all the options that we can synchronize from our mobile device with our activity during the year and the good results we can get from it. Download Nike training club to have a personal trainer on your Smartphone.

The Nike Training Club app is a tool that becomes our ally from anywhere. You can, for example, know the number of steps you took during training and be able to monitor your health, and many other things.

Here we will get different training sessions with intervals; also add to your exercises the use of your body weight with dumbbell elements that will be a challenge for you. Do not miss the opportunity to start your healthier and more energetic lifestyle. Download Nike training club right now.

Get a personal trainer with Nike Training club

Upon entering this Nike app we will have at our disposal more than 100 exercises and trainings that have been designed by athletes and exclusive coaches of the brand. Each training is composed of a personalized plan that is adapted for each level in which the user is.

The exercise plans are organized by the type of exercise we need; and also in a classification by level that will allow us to adjust little by little with respect to the requirement that each one has. This is what a personalized training does, since it adapts to us immediately.

In addition to adapting the training itself, you can also configure the resistance or equipment you need to complete your training satisfactorily. The app will ask us at first what is the goal we want to achieve, be it, lose weight, tone our muscles, gain strength or just work a specific area.

The amazing thing about Nike Training Club is that each exercise is accompanied by an explanation with text and a video. In order to guide the execution of it correctly and thus avoid any injury that is completely usual to occur. This app brings us endless options that we can synchronize to obtain wonderful results.

How to download Nike Training Club

You can download Nike training club in the App Store and in Google Play for IOS and Android for free. If you want to start that routine to keep an active, healthy and happier life, we recommend this app that you can use at any time from your mobile devices without having to go to a gym if your problem is time. Below we leave you the link to download Nike Training Club.

Also, if you like to join your exercises with good music, when you download Nike Training Club you have the option to synchronize our playlist to listen to it while we train.

The app has a library of all-time workouts; we will have these exercises for the parts of the body that we like to work most, such as abs, arms, shoulders, buttocks and legs. We will also have trainings for yoga, boxing, strength, mobility and endurance; and to work with body weight, light weight or with a complete team.

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