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If you have a Nintendo Switch console, you need to know that you can get the most out of it by adding an online subscription and an app that allows you to access new tools and connect the way you play your video games with other users. We are talking about Nintendo Switch Online, a service whose subscription will allow you to take your favorite games to the online platform. But also, by downloading the app, you can create voice chat rooms with other players to create an even more fun experience.

Communicate with your friends while you play

We are so used to seeing group gameplays on social networks, that it has become necessary for online video game platforms to incorporate voice chat services to make it a truly complete experience. Nintendo has not been left behind and brings us several useful tools, including voice chat in the Nintendo Switch Online app.

But how does it work? You must first have a paid subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service, of course this in addition to having a Nintendo Switch console. In this way, you will have voice chat available to communicate with your fellow players while you are in a game. Chat rooms can host multiple players, both from the game in general and members of the same team. This will make it easier to talk about strategies and moves while playing.

See important game information from your mobile

In addition to voice chat, the Nintendo Switch Online app has other useful tools. One of them is that your mobile device will function as the second screen of your console, since you will be able to consult information in real time about the game you are playing and it will show you data about the game that is open. The app also allows you to take this information from your games directly to social networks.

Buy a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and download Nintendo Switch online

When having a Nintendo Switch console you should try to get the most out of it. That is why you must first purchase the Nintendo Switch Online subscription and then download the app of the same name. So you can create super fun games with your friends without missing any part of the it, as they will always be in contact through voice chat.

You can download Nintendo Switch online easily from Google Play if you use Android, or App Store if you use iOS. Downloading the app is free, but as we mentioned, you need a subscription to use the app and its functions. If you already have a subscription, download Nintendo Switch online using the links that you will find at the end of this post.

Requirements for Nintendo Switch Online

Own a Nintendo Switch console. Create Nintendo Account, for voice chat and other features to be enabled, the account must be established for ages 13 and up. You must separately purchase a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online Download the Nintendo Switch Online app on your mobile device. It is available for devices with Android operating system and Apple iOS. The devices you use must have a good quality and permanent Internet connection.

Despite the fact that these subscriptions incur extra expenses, it is fair to say that it is worth the subscription to use the app, since you will complete the experience of your games on the Nintendo Switch.


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Nintendo Switch Online

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