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The security of our Android devices is one of the things that we must take care of the most. And although our mobile devices allow us to lock the device and secure some things, this may not be enough. That is why we will recommend you to download Norton App Lock; with this app you can completely secure your mobile device and thus make sure that nobody can see anything you do not want. Start right now to use this fantastic app to discover everything that Norton App Lock has for you.

Usually the security provided by our mobile devices is not enough to secure the entire system of the device; for sure you know that blocking the screen does not guarantee complete security for everything you save in your smartpthone. Norton App Lock will be the right app for you. Download Norton App Lock and discover everything this fantastic app has to offer.

Keep reading this post and start right now to discover all that Norton App Lock has to offer. This amazing tool will be of great help to keep your smartphone always safe from all spies who want to see things they should not. Start right now to use this amazing app.

Protect your entire device using Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock is an app from the great Norton developer that has allowed us to enjoy everything our Android devices have to offer us in a more secure way. That is why you should not hesitate to use this amazing app to protect your device.

Sure it has happened more than once that you do not want someone to review your photos, messages or social network apps but they ask you for a smartphone to play or do something else, so the security of blocking the screen will not suffice. This is where Norton App Lock starts doing its job.

Norton App Lock will allow you to block the apps one by one in order to have more security of everything you have on your Smartphone. You can block the gallery, messaging apps, social network apps and any other app that you do not want people to see without your permission. Start right now to use this app and enjoy all its benefits.

By downloading Norton App Lock you can block the apps you want with password, pattern or fingerprint. In addition you can hide different apps in invisible folders so that nobody can see them.

How to download Norton App Lock?

Do not miss the opportunity to have this fantastic app on your mobile device and download Norton App Lock right now on any of your devices. You can find this fantastic app for Android devices on Google Play. At the end of this post you will find a link to download Norton App Lock on any of your Android devices right now.

This app is completely free, although you will find some Premium options that you must pay to use. Do not miss the opportunity to have this fantastic app, download Norton App Lock right now.


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  • Updated 26 April, 2022
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Norton App Lock

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