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About the app

It has happened to all of us that we have alarms and agendas full of annotations everywhere to remember something important that in the end we overlook. To download Notin is ideal to simplify this.

Sometimes we would like to have a person behind us who will constantly remind us of things to never forget them. In fact you can achieve constant reminders now thanks to technology.

That's why we recommend you stay updated on the search with so many apps that can help you during these troubles.

Use Notin to not forget any event or important task

Is it possible for apps to remind us of pending notes? The answer is yes, we can completely find many of these apps.

There are some incredible as Notin that have as sole purpose to remind you everything you need. Smartphones do not only serve to communicate with others, to play, take photos or to distract us during meetings with our friends; They also serve as a reminder.

From phone numbers, birthdays, events, appointments, etc. All these things become many to remember. It is not bad that among so many activities, something happens to us and that is why we come to a tool like Notin that is totally valid.

It is important to remember that having to-do lists as a reminder helps poor memory; since you are exercising your brain to constantly think about all your earrings.

If what you are looking for is a simple and basic application in terms of notes, Notin is the perfect app.

By downloading Notin you will have easy access to save your notes. You just have to write in a small text box what you want to remember; and it will be automatically saved in the top bar of the main page of your device.

Despite being a very basic app has a very clean and minimalist interface and gives a sense of confidence.

This app has something positive that we should highlight and it is that it does not bring unnecessary functions. When you enter the app, it will take you directly to write your note and it will be fixed permanently.

How to download Notin?

You no longer have to feel fear or pity to lose more important data. Find all the tools you have on hand within a technology world full of apps.

To download Notin you can go directly to Google Play for free for Android. Below we leave the link to download Notin.

We must emphasize that you can select to use your Premium version, you must make an extra payment. In this version it does not matter if you turn off your device, when you turn it on again your reminder will remain there without any loss.

Having tools that support us in our day to day life should always be taken as something positive in this era.

We must not make extra expenses in possible billboards, announcements and even flyers to leave in writing an information. Using free apps on our phone is the perfect solution and even ecological if we save paper to make notes we talk.


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About Notin
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