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The puzzle games are classic and are still the most sought after by users to spend time trying to solve them. If you add a beautiful story to that, sceneries and graphics, then we would talk about a very complete game. And that is the case of Old Man's Journey, a puzzle game with a story told from the nostalgia of memories; with different landscapes made by hand that you will surely love. Download Old Man's Journey and find a world full of illustrations, landscapes to travel interacting with the environment and different fun puzzles that will help you put together a great story.

Old Man's Journey is an interactive game full of landscapes that you would surely like to visit. Also, the handmade animations give a wonderful and different touch to the story. If you would like to try this game, keep reading. In this post we will show you how to play it and how you can download Old Man's Journey.

How to play Old Man's Journey

When you download Old Man's Journey you will find a beautiful game where the story of an old man who receives a mysterious letter and decides to undertake a long journey whose fate will be unknown until the end. When leaving the house and without tutorials or texts that help to find out what is happening, you must move the old man around the stage by pressing the place where you want him to go. In this way you can interact with the environment.

The mechanics of the game is quite simple; because you must move the old man to different points of the environment to be able to advance. This can move between different planes of depth if the lands in front or behind touch at some point. But when it is not the case you must raise the road, descend or create curves on the slopes so that the old man can continue on his way. That is then the main objective of the game: a series of scenarios that you must modify as you wish, as long as the elder is not on top of it, to connect one point with another.

You can find with trips in vehicles that will force to be attentive to the changes of slope, groups of sheep that impede the passage and require to be moved from one pasture to another to be able to advance, and wooden wheels that, once placed on a slope, will have enough strength to tear down buildings that previously prevented us from passing.

How to download Old Man's Journey

Download Old Man's Journey will connect you with a fantasy world full of memorie. It is a game you must have to spend fun and interactive afternoons. This app is available for your Smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS operating system, so you can find it in Google Play and App Store. It is not a free app; it has a low cost of USD 5.37. At the end of this post we will leave the shortcuts so you can go right now to download Old Man's Journey.


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Old Man's Journey

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