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If you have heard the story of a princess trapped in a very tall tower and who can’t escape because she is guarded by a dragon; It's not just the story of the Sleeping Beauty. Once upon a tower has a similar story. Download Once Upon a Tower and start playing right now.

In the narrative of this app you will have to help the princess to escape by creating a series of strategies. The princess has no more help; in this story no prince will come to rescue her. Only you in this role-playing game can do it!

Once Upon a Tower is a perfect game for children and adults

Saving the princess will not be just an option. At the beginning of the game we can see how the dragon eats the prince that everyone expects to save the princess. At that moment all the options of a savior disappear.

This prince leaves his powerful hammer to the princess; and it is with this that manages to move around the tower trying to escape. When trying to escape, it will be found through the vertical interface of the game with a series of elements that must be faced and used.

You must know that the power of the hammer will be your only protection against the guards that will prevent you from following your path. With a single blow you can disappear them. At the beginning of each level you will be given a list of achievements you must meet to earn coins.

The coins in this game will not be your only treasure even though with it you can buy lives. You will also find fireflies; that you must collect or at least reach the minimum that is required at the beginning of each game.

When you download Once upon a tower this game will connect with Google Play Games to accumulate your achievements. The challenges in the game increase in each level; not only will you find yourself with guardians, you will also see little dragons throwing flames that you have to dodge. A single blow will end your life.

How to download Once Upon a Tower

You can get this game for free in the App Store and Google Play for IOS and Android. The objective of this app is not infinite; at some point you will get the princess to escape from the tower.

Have fun in this role-playing game and get the most achievements. Below we leave the link to download Once Upon A Tower.

When passing the level you will have a vase that will accumulate all the fireflies or points that you are collecting. When you get the best score you also unlock other princesses who are trapped in the castle; and they will become the main character.

When you download Once Upon A Tower you must work on patience, it is a game as we mentioned before of strategy. There is not a limited time or a counter that presses you on your plays. You must study mainly the scenario and thus act with each movement studied.


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Once Upon a Tower

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