OneNote is one of the best tools that Microsoft has to offer. With this app you can not only organize all your notes and customize them at your convenience; but also, it allows you to share the information with other users. Download OneNote now.

The uses that you can give to this app go with your needs: articles of your interest, drawings and work or class notes. Everything can be in OneNote.

Microsoft defines this app as your own digital notebook. And this tool of the Office package can’t be missing on your Smartphone.

Gather your ideas in one place, organize your information and have it always at your fingertips. If you want to know all the uses you can give to this app, keep reading this article.

Download OneNote to have this tool on your smartphone

If you are a beginner in the use of OneNote, the first thing you should know is that the organization is the key. The system he uses is very simple; you will start creating a notepad and from there you can create pages, sections and subpages. It is possible to have all your information divided by themes in one place; download OneNote and find out.

Another advantage of using this app is that you can save your files as Word or PDF. On the other hand, if you need to supplement your information with other files that you already have, whether they are Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents and you want to add them to your notes, you can do it!

In addition, all documents that you create can be shared or you can have pages where several users collaborate. You can see and comment on everything that other users edit in the notes through Microsoft SharePoint. Follow the steps of the app and share everything you need!

When you download OneNote you will not only be able to write everything you need, you will also have the option to record voice notes and include images in your notebook.

Another option of this incredible app is that it is possible to store web pages that are useful to you; if you need to complete the notes of your classes with an Internet article, OneNote will have everything organized for you.

One of the best aspects about this app is that you can recover the notes that have been deleted. OneNote has a recycling bin that you can go to if someone edited one of your notes by mistake or if you deleted a page that you did not have to. Another option that could be very useful is that you can send your notes by mail.

How to download OneNote?

You can download OneNote from the Google Play app stores or the App Store. It is a free download app and your device must be Android OS 4.1 or later.

If you are an iOS user your device must be 11.0 or later. Do not stop downloading this incredible tool and have everything you think in your pocket.

This incredible app synchronizes your files with the cloud on all the devices you have. If you wrote notes on your laptop while you were in the office and want to edit them from your tablet at home, you can do so.

Take advantage of every moment with OneNote, before forgetting an idea, write it down in OneNte. Download OneNote now and enjoy everything this app has for you.

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