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For several years now, podcasts have become very important on the internet.  With them there is no need to be attentive to radio programs and wait for a specific time. Podcasts can be listened to anytime and anywhere; we can choose our favorite themes that we want to listen to in a program. Now, there are many sites on the internet, blogs, applications and more that offer podcast services, and if you are a regular user you should want to have them all in one place. If that is your case, Overcast is the right app for you. Download Overcast will allow you to centralize all your favorite podcasts in the same app. Also, receive notifications of new recordings, save the podcast that you like in lists and much more.

Overcast is the application that will become your center and podcast administrator; with it you can organize all your favorite recordings and be aware of new publications. If you want to know more about this great app, read on. In this post we will show you how it works and how you can download Overcast.

How does Overcast Works?

Overcast is an app that will allow us to listen to our favorite podcasts centralized in the same service. You can search by URL or by name of the podcaster to be able to add it to our favorite list; make our lists and automatically download the new files to forget about having to be aware of whether they publish or not.

After you download Overcast, the first thing you need is an email account and confirm it in order to use Overcast. Once inside we will see that the app is organized by a superior menu that has the options of downloads, unlock and add. After that Overcast will ask us to allow send notifications to our device, so we will always be informed about the updates of the application. Also we’ll see the publication of new chapters of each of the podcasts that we have included in our list, or that we have added.

To start using, we will click on the "Add" option and we will choose between all the categories; where we will be shown the highlights. You can also type the name of the exact podcaster that we want to hear regularly. There is also the option to add a URL or the recommendations of our friends on Twitter; for this we must add an account. Once we have chosen our favorites a list will appear with them and we will access to see all the information.

How to download Overcast

Download Overcast is very easy and you can have all your favorite podcasts in the same application and receive new ones with simple notifications. It is available only for iOS devices, so you can get it in the App Store. The download is free and will offer you the basic functions. Then you can purchase an optional subscription to have unlimited access to all the features of this great app. At the end of this post we will leave the shortcuts so you can go right now to download Overcast.

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