If we talk about classic retro games, then we need to mention PAC-MAN. This game has transformed so many times along the years, but it has also maintain the same emotion and entertainment. Now you can play this classic on your smartphone, and you just need to download PAC-MAN app on your device to start. You will get the retro version on your phone that will take you back to those fun times.

PAC-MAN is turning 40 years so to celebrate you can download the game on your device. You can enjoy different version of it. The classic 8 bits arcade that we all know and enjoy, or we can choose a different mission, new labyrinths and so much more. It is a wonderful game that will keep you hooked for hours and will bring a lot of fun for you!

How to start playing PAC-MAN?

As we mentioned before, in this app you can choose different versions. First, you can enjoy the classic 8 bit arcade mode. In here, you will see the old game with the same features. You need to escape the ghosts and eat them when the time is right. The only way to level up is by eating all the ghosts and avoiding the eat you.

But you can choose other modes, like the daily missions. In this game you have a specific goal that you need to reach to win points and other rewards. You need to get ghosts, fruits and points all in one to level up and beat the daily mission. And also you can participate in the weekly challenge where you will see your score and compare it with friends and other people. To win, you need to go in the first three spots.

In this app you will get new laberynths that you have never seen or explore before. The challenges in these new places are out of the roof and will keep you hooked! You won’t ever get the same game twice and it will be always fun. Once you download the game you won’t let go of your phone and you will enjoy this classic experience.

How to download PAC-MAN on your device?

If you want to download PAC-MAN in your device, just tap on the download button that is on this post. Then, select your device system and choose the one that is right for your device. Once you are there, tap on the install button to get the game, accept the conditions of the app and wait a few minutes until the process is complete. By the end you will have this game installed on your smartphone and you can start enjoying it.

This game is available for free in Android and iOS devices. Start enjoying this classic game and celebrate with everybody the 40 years of PAC-MAN.

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