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Paypal is an online payment service that will make the way you make your payments much easier, safer and faster. You can have the Paypal app on your mobile devices to make payments of any kind in a matter of seconds. This app is excellent for everyone who loves to buy online and seek to protect their personal information. But it is also ideal for many types of easy and fast payment. Here we show you everything you need to know about this app and how to download Paypal on your Android or iOS.

Paypal is one of the best online bank accounts. It has offered excellent service for a long time and everyday more people are using this way to pay. There are many uses you can give your Paypal account to make your payments much simpler. This app works in almost every country in the world and you can download it on your Smartphone to make it easier and faster to pay.

Most people use Paypal to make online shopping payments. This is because Paypal safeguards all the information of your credit cards and bank account. If you make a payment with this app, the person who receives the money can only see your name and email. This way you can avoid any type of fraud or theft while shopping online.

You can also download Paypal if you are an online seller. This is the best way to receive money from online purchases. Also, using this app your money will be protected from any type of fraud. That is, if you sent money through Paypal and did not receive your merchandise, the company will take care that you have your money back.

How does Paypal works

When you download Paypal you must create an account with username and password. All you will need to start using Paypal will be an email, your ID and phone number. With this data you can create your account and start using Paypal. Once you have your account you can synchronize your bank account or credit card to make your payments.

In case you do not want to synchronize a credit card you can use Paypal only with funds that you have received through the app. Most online stores and many physical stores accept Paypal as a way of payment.

To make a payment you just have to place the email address of the person, place the amount and you’re done. Instantly the person will receive the money. There is nothing simpler than paying with Paypal.

How to download Paypal

The Paypal app is available for Android and iOS completely free. You can find the app in the app store corresponding to your OS. To make it easier we have left the shortcuts to download Paypal at the end of this post.

The Paypal app is free, but every time you make a payment, the company charges a small percent of Fees. Most of the times the Fees are charged to the seller. Start today using this awesome app.

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