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About the app

Nowadays we have different communities online that we love to participate in. Even social media can work as a community of like-minded people. But what about a community that recommends you their favorite things so you can see what is the best product, item or place that everybody is loving right now? Well, it exists and it is called Peoople, a platform where people share their favorites so you can get recommendations. Once you download people you will find a best way to make your decisions.

Peoople is an app that works almost as a social media, but in here you just see the recommendation of people and you can also make your own recommendations. Are you looking to watch a movie but don’t know what to choose? Well, check Peoople and see what other people are loving and sharing. Books, products, food, places, restaurants, shows, magazines… everything is in here.

All the things you can find in Peoople

The good thing about this app is that you can find different recommendations about everything. So, if this week there is a new restaurant in town and people are really loving it, you can check that recommendation and save it on your account to see it later. This way, you won’t get lost in the amount of things that people are recommending and you can like them or save them to find them later.

You can browse the recommendation by different categories and locations. This way, if you are visiting another city, you can still find recommendations from people near you. Or, if you are just interested in a new book or something, you can just search for those specific comments and shares of people.

You can also recommend anything you want. If you got something that you truly love, a new shampoo, a book, a device, or anything, you can upload your recommendation and share your opinion with others. This way, you can help other people to make their decisions and you can contribute to the community.

As you can see, this is a great way to make decisions and see what is the best product, event or place. You can find what best serve you and also recommend to others what you love the most. So let’s see how to download Peoople.

How to download Peoople?

To download Peoople on your device you just need to tap on the download button that we leave you on this post. This will redirect you to the right app store for you. Then, once you are in the store, you just need to tap on the download button and follow the instructions. In a few minutes you will have the app installed and ready to use. This app is free and available for Android and iOS devices. You can easily get it through the Google Play Store or at the App Store.


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About Peoople
  • Updated 25 April, 2022
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