Pet Rescue Saga

Nothing better than a good puzzle to spend the day; that’s why King brings us another of his incredible match-3 titles: Pet Rescue Saga. Complete all the levels and save all the pets. Reach all the objectives of the game and do not lose a single life! Download Pet Rescue Saga on your mobile device to enjoy this amazing game.

Pets need to be rescued so download this game and become a hero. Play Pet Rescue Saga on any of your mobile devices. Combine the color blocks and get all the points. If you want to know how to download this fantastic game, keep reading this article.

Be sure to rescue all pets with Pet Rescue Saga

Like other puzzles, you will have to think each play very well. Build your strategy and rescue all the kidnappers’ pets. Advance through hundreds of levels and complete all tasks to get the most points. In some levels you will have to eliminate certain amount of blocks to overcome the level; while in others you will only have to get the pets to the base.

In the game your performance is evaluated and you are rewarded with stars at the end of each level. Depending on how well you solve the puzzles you will be given one to three stars. As you progress in the game you can also acquire power-ups that will be very useful to you.

The mechanics of the game is really easy and intuitive; but as you level up, the puzzles become more complex. You must slide the cubes of the same color to combine them and on the screen you will also see the enhancers you have acquired.

When yuou download Pet Rescue Saga you can also enjoy with your friends. Connect on Facebook and enjoy this entertaining adventure while comparing your scores and those of your friends to see who the true champion is.

You will also have the opportunity to synchronize all your devices to play the same game on your smartphone and on your tablet. Download Pet Rescue Saga and do not take off from this fun puzzle game!

The 3D graphics are completely adorable and fun; you will love the pets and you can spend hours trying to overcome each level. The striking graphics make your playing experience incredible. Download Pet Rescue Saga and become an expert in puzzles!

How to download Pet Rescue Saga?

You can download Pet Rescue Saga on your iOS and Android device through the App Store and Google Play stores. It is a free download game but it contains things such as extra lives and power ups that you can pay with real money. Every two weeks new levels are added so be prepared for an adventure that you can enjoy for a long time.

You will need Internet to synchronize your devices and to be able to compete with your friends. Download Pet Rescue Saga and play enjoy this friendly and addictive title that King brings for you. At the end of this post we leave the link so you can download it.

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