Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 is a funny game that will test your speed and agility to play the piano. This game is available for iOS and Android and has been one of the most downloaded games since its launch 2 years ago. It is a game with a simple interface and very easy rules. But this game has a lot of challenges for you. If you want to know everything about this funny game, keep reading. Now we show you how to download Piano Tiles 2 and how to be the best of your friends.

How to play Piano Tiles 2

The dynamics of this game is quite simple. The game is a piano simulator for smartphones and tablets. In this game you must test your speed by touching the black keys to complete the song. Depending on the song the black keys will go down faster. This way it will be more difficult to reach the end and get the 3 stars in the song.

When you finish a song you can increase your score even more by playing the song again in super speed mode. You will receive more bonus points, special gifts and the possibility to finish the song with a perfect score of 3 crowns.

Each time you complete a song you will receive your score with which you can unlock new songs and much more. In this way you will level up and increase the difficulty in your songs. Within the game you will find over 50 songs to unlock, and many more songs are added in each update.

Download Piano Tiles 2 will give you lots of fun. It is ideal for children and adults, and the best thing is that it is confirmed that playing Piano Tiles increases the skill of the brain to act quickly, and improves hand / eye dexterity.

You can play this game alone or challenge your friends to try who has the best score. You will have the option to synchronize Piano Tiles 2 with Facebook to see the scores of your friends and challenge them to play. Playing in multiplayer mode you can unlock unique songs and special gifts.

How to download Piano Tiles 2

Download Piano Tiles 2 is very simple. The game is available for Android and iOS, and in both OS is completely free. You can get the game directly from the respective app store for your mobile device. At the end of this post we will leave the shortcuts to download Piano Tiles 2 on both iOS and Android.

On each special date, such as Halloween or Christmas, Piano Tiles 2 is updated with new songs only for the date. If you complete these songs you can unlock achievements that will be available only for a short time.

To play Piano Tiles 2 you will not need to connect to the internet. You will only need internet if you want to play in multiplayer mode with your friends on Facebook. Download Piano Tiles 2 today and start enjoying all the fun of this game.

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