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Be a pirate in Pirate Kings! Steal a booty, build on an island and much more in this entertaining game! Invite your friends and meet many more people from the rest of the world! Do not miss the opportunity to download this fantastic game that Jelly Button brings for you. Download Pirate Kings and start the game.

Spin the roulette and win huge amounts of coins to build the best island and thus advance level; defend yourself from the other pirates and manage to destroy the islands of your opponents! Live the best pirate experience with this fun and simple game that you can download on your smartphone or tablet.

Become a true pirate by downloading Pirate Kings

This title is quite simple to play, start with a big red button with a white skull in the center which you have to play so that it starts spinning a roulette wheel with different options.

From there you can do practically everything necessary to advance through the different levels. The gameplay is based on spinning the wheel and selecting the items to execute certain actions.

By spinning the roulette you have the opportunity to earn coins to build and improve your island; or you have options like attacking and stealing the other players’ islands. Attacking other users is quite important because this will give you rewards and money that you can use on your own island.

In roulette also appears the alternative of a defense shield that will protect you from the attacks of other players and an option that will give you more laps. If you run out of laps for roulette you will not be able to do too much in the game. The whole system is designed so that you focus on building the best island you can, and so you can also advance through the levels.

You can decorate as you want, dragons, castles and icons are available for your island; and you can even get better and bigger boats every time. Be the greatest pirate of all time! Download Pirate Kings and have one of the funniest games at your fingertips.

How to download Pirate Kings

You can download Pirate Kings on any of your devices whether you are an Android user or an iOS user. It is a free app but you can make in-game purchases with real money. The app has a simple gameplay that serves to distract and have a good time with friends. And it is available in versions 4.1 or higher for Android and 8.0 or later for iOS.

The real Pirate Kings hook is in its game mode. When you log in, it offers you the possibility of connecting on Facebook so you can play with your friends. The interaction with other users is what keeps the title alive. Protect your island and attack other players when necessary!

The graphics of this title are quite adorable, it maintains a caricature aspect that makes it funny. It is a very pleasant 3D experience that accompanies you in this fun pirate experience that you will not get bored of. Do not wait any longer and download Pirate Kings on all your devices!

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Pirate Kings

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