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If you are looking for an app to edit your photos so they are perfect to upload them in your social networks, Pixlr is the best option for you. With this easy to use app you can edit your photos to improve them to your will. Add filters and play with the settings to get the most original photo. Download Pixlr to start uploading the best photos to your social networks. If you want to know how to have this amazing app on your mobile device, read on. Now we show you everything you need to know about Pixlr and how to download this app on your Android or iPhone.

Create the best photos with Pixlr

Apps to edit photos are really common in Google Play and App Store, so why Pixlr is special or better than the rest? The answer is very simple, Pixlr goes much further than any app to apply filters to your photos. With this app you can use incredible tools to improve your photos getting almost professional effects. Thousands of people around the world use this app for their unique options; Download Pixlr on your mobile device to be part of the largest photography community.

With Pixlr you can do many things from your Android or iPhone. You can create photo collages to combine from 2 to 8 photographs. You will have the possibility to choose between many options of backgrounds and combinations of photos. Do not limit your imagination and create the best collages.

You can also create an incredible tool that is only available in Pixlr. Use the layers tool to edit your photo professionally. You can edit your photo in parts like a professional. And the autocorrector tool will help you edit your photo in seconds. This tool will save the changes you usually make in your photos and will do them automatically for you.

By downloading Pixlr you can edit your photo improving the contrast, brightness and exposure. But you can also improve the imperfections of the skin, the tonality of the photo and much more. To create much more special and incredible affects you can change the background of your photo; Add a surreal background to create much more unique and original photos.

If you wish you can also add a frame to your photo to finish the process. When you have finished you can share your photo on Instagram, Facebook and any other social network you use. Start right now to use this amazing app.

How to download Pixlr

Pixlr is an amazing app that you can download on your iOS and Android devices. Download Pixlr is completely free; but if you want to use the Premium packages you will have to pay a subscription. You can find this app in Google Play and Apple Store; to make things easier we have left the shortcuts to download Pixlr at the end of this post.

Start editing your photos as a professional with this amazing app. Download this app right now and create the most original photos.

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