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Defense games continue to have a special place within the companies that develop them. Protecting your territory using strategies is the main feature within these games. Download Plants vs Zombies heroes to start playing.

EA developers creators of the original and very popular Plants vs Zombies have brought this new game but part of this saga in a world of zombies. We recommend playing Plants vs Zombies Heroes where you will get a new game mechanic that is different from the other games of this world.

Plants vs Zombies heroes is a new version of the game that we enjoy so much

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes bring us again the original plot of the saga. We will have to make smart moves to protect ourselves. In this case it will be to protect our deck of cards. Yes, the mechanics in this game will be based on collecting the best cards.

You should start by choosing one of the characters, highlighting that in this case there are new heroes. Prepare your deck and start the confrontation with your enemy. At the beginning we will receive four cards randomly.

A tip for the start of your game is to be careful when changing any letter that you do not like; since you can randomly receive any that worsen your game.

To start the duel with your opponent you will have five cards where one matches the hero you have chosen to choose for your game. Each type of letter will work better depending on where we place it on our battlefield.

Our character will have twenty life points at the beginning of each confrontation; but we must make our enemy end up with zero lives. That way we can win the fight and get more points.

The games are divided into four important phases. Here we will see the objective of this game transformed into the style of cards. We will have to respond to the attacks of the zombies making combinations between our hero and the cards we have.

Each phase corresponds to an attack and a response by both parties. You must know your character well in order to strategically combine with your deck of cards and attacks. Only in this way will you have the opportunity to destroy your adversary without any problem.

By getting gems you can unlock new and more powerful cards to use. Investing a good time in the game you will be able to get gems to be able to have a good deck without having to buy them in the premium version.

How to download Plants vs Zombies heroes

Download Plants vs Zombies heroes in the App Store and on Google Play for IOS and Android for free. Challenge your friends and have a good time trying to beat your enemies on the battlefield between zombies and plants. Below we leave the link to download Plants vs Zombies Heroes.

Each game lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. If we decide to play against other players we will get a new way to get gems for free. Playing daily will give you a good reward within each league.

Fulfill the series of goals that the game proposes is another channel to get gems easily. You will not find in large quantity but investing a good time within the game will give you a good result at the end of the day.


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Plants vs Zombies heroes

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