Plants vs Zombies

Strategy games are very popular among gamers, especially the tower defense style. In this genre you basically have to protect your treasure, city, town, tower, or a house, and you require a bunch of skills and strategies to do so. Download Plants vs Zombies now. 

Plants vs Zombies is an strategy and defense game that is very fun and easy to play. In this game you will have zombies that are your enemies, an army of plants that will help you to defeat them and a shield. Every new level, everything will be more difficult.

How to play Plants vs Zombies?

How many times have you heard of a war between zombies and an army of plants? Not many, right? Well, this is the case of the game. Our amazing army is conformed by 49 plants, like sunflowers, cherry bomb, peashooter, snow pea and so much more, and they will help you to save your house.

Every new level you will see new plant species. You can put them strategically in the garden to protect our house, almost like chess. At the beginning of every match, you can rearrange your plants again to be sure you have the strategy you need. After this, the zombies will appear and attack, and it will be at this point you will know if your strategy is good enough.

At the beginning, our garden will only have mainly sunflowers. These are the most important in the hole game because they make the other plants grow faster. Then, you will have to throw some seeds, this one will put an end to the zombies.

Since Plants vs Zombies is a strategy game where you have to protect something, we have another element that will help us. It is the most important element: the nuts, which will be useful as shields. Also, you have cherry bombs that will explode when the zombies are close. But don’t worry, you have more options to kill the zombies. Besides throwing seeds to kill them, you can also have explosive plants that you can put strategically in your garden.

This game doesn’t have the most impressive graphics, but it does have an amazing soundtrack that will be accurate at any level. Also, this is such a popular game that there are already a series of new versions. You can find Plant vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 1 and 2; and also, Plant vs Zombies: it’s about time.

How to download Plants vs Zombies?

To download Plants vs Zombies you have to follow some steps. Go to the Google Play Store or to the App Store, look for the game, tap on the download button and wait a few minutes.

If you want a shortcut, you can use the links we will leave you at the top of this page. This way, you will have the game in just a few minutes.

This is a free game that will give you a huge amount of laughs. It’s complex but also super simple to understand, entertaining, fun and you can choose between all its versions.

If zombie movies are your thing, then you can’t miss this game. Download Plant vs Zombies and you will be shocked by the evolution of your army. It’s such a fun game that you will be laughing with every single crazy thing that you can make with your garden to destroy all the zombies. This game looks like very simple, but it is also very complex and entertaining.

Video of Plants vs Zombies
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