Play J (Beta)

Play J (Beta) is a great and ideal app for gamers. If you are at home and can’t go to a friend’s house to show him the new game you have on your Smartphone, download Play J (Beta).

With this app you can share the screen and start playing while your friend sees what you do. With this app you can feel accompanied by the other person while you play or watch a video.

Do not forget to download Play J (Beta) and spend some time with your friends even though they are not in the same place.

By using this app you will have many possibilities to connect with other people and share the content that you like most with them. Play a video, enjoy it and share it instantly.

When you download Play J (Beta) you will not have to use another app to make a video call or chat. You can play, talk, see pictures, review tasks, read a book and share everything from a single app with someone else in real time.

Play J brings you an excellent way to connect with your friends by playing games

Being away from our friends does not mean we can’t share more with them. Having access to new apps that allow you to meet new people is an incredible option.

Using these two functions and joining them in one app is the best of Play J (Beta). You will not have to enjoy your solo of the things that you and your friends like.

Download Play J and cheer up by using such a simple app. Here you can become a member of a community where you can support developers by proposing new ideas for the app.

Not many apps allow you to collaborate with the development and versions of it. Also when you download Play J you will know an app that is on offer for a limited time.

To invite a friend to share a screen to see what you do on your phone; you must send an invitation link. The other person must download the app and in this way you can interact as much as you want.

Help strengthen your relationships with your friends and family; be the first to invite others to spend some time without so much planning and that will surprise them without a doubt.

How to download Play J (Beta)

In Googleplay you can download Plaj J (Beta) for free for Android. It is a lightweight and simple app to download to your smartphone. Search other games and apps to install and share them later using this app.

Use the resources at hand and make your life and that of others much simpler. Below we leave the link for you to download Play J (Beta).

In a world full of technology and apps that constantly evolve Play J (Beta) turns out to be a solution for many in different areas.

If your option is to do everything from home; this app will not serve you just to play or watch a video. You can be reviewing a file or writing something that you need support from a partner thanks to the functionality of the app.

Video of Play J (Beta)
Download Play J (Beta)
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