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It isn’t exactly easy to download Play Store for iPhone and iPad, but it can be done! Read on to learn how. As much as I love my Android, I have to admit that iPhones and iPads are some of the best devices from Apple.

You just can’t argue with the fact that they’re one of the top tech companies in the world. Running on the iOS operating system, they are considered to be among the most powerful mobile devices today.

However, the high security of OS restricts users to downloading their apps from exclusively the App Store; likewise with music from the iTunes Store. Apps that work on iOS don’t run on any other operating system, and apps for Android don’t work for iOS.

As all current and former Android users know, the Google Play Store is the best, biggest place for digital content. Play Store is easy to use, with a lot of freedom to download anything you want to your Android device. But what if you want to download Play Store for iPhone and iPad (or some other iOS device)?

Well, there is a way to go around the protection system of iOS, which I will explain right here. I figured this out because my brother has an iPhone, and he got tired of me teasing him because I had access to way more stuff in the Play Store on my Android. So, here’s what you have to do if you want to download Play Store for iPhone and iPad.

How to download Play Store for iPhone and iPad (jailbreak required!)

IMPORTANT! The first thing you have to do is jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. An iOS jailbreak removes the restrictions on software in Apple devices. Jailbreaking allows root access to the file system and manager of the operating system, which enables you to download applications, extensions, and themes that are unavailable through the App Store. So, you need to choose a jailbreak method that works for your specific device and iOS version from a trusted source.

Next, install Cydia, which is a package manager app for iOS mobile. It enables the user to find and install packages of software on jailbroken iPhones and iPads. Almost all of the software packages available through Cydia are free, but some premium ones are paid. After installing, launch Cydia from the home screen, tap on the “Manage” button, “Sources”, and then tap on “Edit” and finally check “Add”. Then, type the web address of Cydia and install it and then Bootlace. Bootlace is an application for iOS that allows the installation of iDroid and OpeniBoot, and configures the settings of OpeniBoot.

Installing Play Store on iOS after jailbreak

First, run Bootlace and then reboot the device. Install OpeniBoot, which you can install from Bootlace. Next, you need to install iDroid. Tap on the iDriod button after installing OpeniBoot, and tap “OK”. This step could take a while. You’ll have to be patient while the files download. iDroid is the customized Android operating system for your iOS device, so it’s not something that’s going to install in 30 seconds.

Once the installation of iDroid is done, you have Android OS on your iPhone or iPad and are able to explore what Android has to offer. Now you can download the Play Store file using the download link above, and install it on your iOS device.

Now, reboot your device in Android OS, and access all the apps that Google Play Store has for you and all its awesome features. Like I said, it’s not an easy process, but if you’re dying to download Play Store on an iOS device, that’s how you do it. 😉

Video of Play Store for iPhone and iPad
Download Play Store for iPhone and iPad
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