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Yes, my friends – you can download Play Store for PC! Google Play Store is the official market where users of Android-powered devices go to download games, apps, music, media and much more. The Play Store has millions of the best applications to use in your daily life, the best mobile games, the latest music, TV shows, movies and other entertainment.

You most likely already know all of this if you are an Android user. For those who have never had the chance to use Play Store before, you should know that it’s basically overflowing with awesomeness.

So, you have every reason to want to get all the same stuff on your computer, not only your Android. If you don’t have an Android device, you might be wondering if there’s any way to get access to the Play Store on your laptop or desktop computer. I have a good news for you! There is a way to have access all of the amazing material in the Play Store on your PC. Best of all, doing it is really quite simple. Here’s how to do it.

How to download Play Store for PC

The Play Store app is designed to function only on Android devices, and that means you can’t just get the Play Store file installed to your computer and have it working (am I the only one who read that and immediately imagined Boromir from LOTR saying ‘one does not simply…’ I am? Okay then.

Anyway, the Android operating system doesn’t work on your PC. So, we need to make your PC think that it’s an Android device. Don’t worry – this is easier than it sounds. You will need to install a program known as an “Android emulator”. It’s basically just a program that will enable your PC to run apps that are normally only available for Android.

There are many emulators like this available, including several free ones. Some of them allow you to choose how you want to use it, some have the ability to search the content library of Google Play without actually having the need to install the Play Store app. Since it’s more secure to download the apps directly through the Play Store, you’ll want to install the emulator and then download Play Store for PC just like you would on an Android device.

Download and install Android emulator

Before you install, it’s a good idea to make sure the program is compatible with your PC setup. Check that you have updated drivers for your computer’s graphics cards to make it able to support more of the best apps. It also needs to have at least 2 GB of RAM and at least 9 GB of disk space.

If your PC runs an older version of Windows (Windows Vista or Windows XP), you will need to install specific service packs in order to install an Android emulator program.

Play Store on PC using Android emulator

Now, if you’re done installing the emulator, and can see its interface to search for apps and games the same way Play Store would, then you’re done. Now you can start downloading the content of Play Store to your PC through the emulator program.

Or, if you prefer downloading the apps directly from Google Play Store, you can run it in the emulator. Just download Play Store for PC using the APK file, install it, and it will run through the emulator program. After all, you tricked your PC into thinking it was an Android! When you download and install the applications from the Play Store, they will be installed into the emulator itself. You’ll be able to access them any time you desire by opening the program. Enjoy your Android apps on the big screen!

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