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Missing Google Play on your tablet? Download Play Store for tablets (Android) right here! Everyone knows how wonderful the Play Store app is. With tons of apps, games, movies, music, media and different kinds of digital content for Android devices, it’s the No.1 store for Android users to get the best and most recent apps for their devices.

We use our Android tablets for so many purposes, from kids’ games to life style apps to the most specialized professional apps. With the help of Google Play Store, lots of tasks can be done using Android tablets. Play Store offers such wonderful apps in such a large variety. New devices come with the Play Store and other essential apps from Google pre-installed.

But if it happens that your Android tablet has the Play Store app deleted, or it was a clone or a second-hand device and it doesn’t have it, then you’ll have to download it to the tablet again. And I’m here to tell you how with this download Play Store for tablets tutorial

How to download Play Store for tablets

You already know that you can download basically anything from Play Store to your tablet. But the Play Store app itself has to be downloaded from other non-official sites and markets, like ours. Because all Android devices are programmed to accept apps from Play Store only, there’s something you have to do before trying to download anything from us or any other source. You will need to go to your device’s security settings and turn on the option “unknown sources”. This way, you will be able to download Play Store for tablets using our download link.

Go to the browser on your tablet and find this post again or search for Play Store APK file. If you don’t download from us, just try to choose a good site that guarantees that the file you are downloading is safe and will work properly. Tap the link to download. Wait for a while (it could take a moment depending on how fast your connection is). And when the download is complete, you will get a notification. Just tap the notification bar to go directly to the file. Another option is you can use your tablet’s file manager app to find the downloaded file.

You can also download play store for tablets using your computer. Find the exact same Play Store APK download in the computer’s browser, download the file and then transfer it using a cable or Bluetooth. Alternatively, you can transfer the Play Store app from another Android device via Bluetooth, then use the file manager app on your tablet to find the file.

Installing Play Store on your tablet

Once you’ve reached the file, tap the install button. This part is pretty intuitive; your tablet will basically walk you through the rest. In no time, you’ll find the Play Store icon on your home screen. Tap to open, and VOILA!

IMPORTANT: Using Google Play Store requires having a Gmail/Google account to be logged in. If you’re one of the odd ducks who hasn’t got one already, you’ll want to get it now. It’s so easy. Just go to, choose “create new account” and follow the steps. When you get your Gmail address, you’ll be able to use it to log into Google Play.

You can use Play Store 100% for free. No need to give any payment info unless you want to purchase something. Most of the apps are free, but there are some paid apps and there are free apps that include (optional) in-app purchases. So if you’re interested, you just have to go to the app’s Settings -> Account and edit your payment info.

You’re going to have so much more fun with your tablet now that you’ve downloaded Play Store on it. Enjoy!


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