Pocket Mortys

For the followers of Rick and Morty, the role-playing game based on the series has arrived and it is here to stay. Download Pocket Mortys right now on your Smartphone.

 This video game has been a success among gamers since it has been recognized as a game quite similar in its Pokemon mode. It’s a pretty fun game with an interesting and unique narrative.

We will have as objective or mission to capture an immense amount of Mortys, from Rick’s perspective. All this to create an army that faces our different Ricks that are watered by this universe and thus level up.

We recommend you download Pocket Mortys and surprise yourself by finding your favorite characters; He makes objects and tries to win all possible confrontations.

Pocket Mortys is a very fun game for all lovers of this show

When we start the game we will find a series of missions that consist in the delivery of different objects. As we move forward we will collect these objects and resources in each level.

To move forward we will have to join some of these elements to obtain new articles. To achieve these mixtures we have to have a series of recipes and thus know what elements we can unite correctly.

The theme of the recipes is fundamental, since this way you will know how to have the necessary objects to advance saving time and be able to fulfill your missions. To get these recipes it is essential to explore every corner of our scenarios. Therefore it is advisable to leave the confrontations for later and try to get as many objects as possible, join them and level up.

Exploring and postponing some encounters does not mean that your game goes bad, on the contrary, when you explore your area you will not only find objects; you may also get different Mortys to reinforce your army. During your exploration you will find up to 34 recipes so get comfortable and have fun in this adventure.

This video game has a Pokémon-like modality in terms of capturing and training other characters; in this case we refer to different Mortys. On several occasions we will find the same character repeated but it is not an error; you just have to combine them to get a superior Morty.

This will be very helpful because during the matches you will have more powerful characters in higher level moves.

How to download Pocket Mortys?

You can download Pocket Mortys in the App Store and Google Play for IOS and Android for free. Have fun in this game that will quickly remind you of the series that so many followers have. Below we leave the link to download Pocket Mortys.

In Pocket Mortys we will find scenes of dialogues between characters and then the game will begin; in this way you will keep in context of what happens as you progress.

For the followers of the series it will be normal to see all the strange events that will happen in the game. In this case we should only think about the multiverse theory in which there are many universes and different copies of Ricks and Mortys.

We recommend this game to put these strategies in motion to catch the most Mortys and face Rick. Remember that the objective of this game is to form an army of powerful Mortys to recover the portal’s pistol. Download Pocket Mortys to enjoy this great game.

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