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Everyone has at some point seen or enjoyed the incredible universe of Pokémon. This time we bring you a version of Pokémon in video game with a strategic mode and you can do it from your mobile device without leaving your home. Download Pokémon Duel to discover this amazing game.

This world has been with us since childhood and we have seen hundreds of creations of games about it. Now we can enjoy this excellent video game.

Pokémon Duel is a video game that will present you with a board on your screen where each player must put their characters to beat the enemy at all costs. This app brings a fairly simple system to understand; each of our characters can move through a limited number of boxes. Download Pokémon Duel and start playing.

Pokemon Duel is a new and interesting way to play with your Pokémon

Our team will consist of six characters that we can select before starting each game. As we mentioned earlier, a board will appear that would be our scenario; and we will have to move through it to reach the territory of the enemy and be able to attack.

We will also see a kind of lucky roulette that will determine our battle. Here we can also access different types of letters to receive help. In this video game each player has a deck of cards, this is where you will be our Pokémon and each of them has different special abilities that we can use in the game.

Pokémon Duel allows us to play in different tournaments and videogame events. As we play and improve we can work on our Pokémon with the fusion system and we can also get new characters. That is why this game is about strategy, because we will have to know how to choose between our Pokémon and plan a good attack.

In this type of game the key is to collect the correct cards that we can obtain by winning games or making payments within the app. Remember that the cards we have to enhance the attacks make us work our strategic ability to surprise our opponent at all times.

During your moves you can choose if you want to play only by going to the league section and in missions, here you will be in a tournament. You also have the option of single player; here you will have different stages and in each one you will have to face your enemies. You will have three tasks during each stage and you will have different rewards.

How to download Pokémon Duel?

Download Pokémon Duel in the App Store and Google Play for IOS and Android for free. Have fun and level up in the rankings with other players from around the world playing in real time and online. Have fun from your mobile device. Below we leave the link to download Pokémon Duel.

We recommend you download Pokémon Duel and have fun with other players in the universe of Pokémon with your favorite characters. Remember that you can fight against other people online and for this you will need an internet connection.

Invite your friends to join the battle of this video game and collect all the Pokémon statuettes you can in each game.

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Pokémon Duel

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