Pokemon Shuffle

The puzzle-themed games where mechanics is based on aligning elements has become a total success. An excellent example would be Candy Crush or in this case Pokemon Shuffle. Download Pokemon Shuffle to start playing this fun game.

This game is very simple. In each present phase you must align your Pokémon in order to face another wild Pokémon. Have fun catching these pokémons and earn points for it to be able to advance quickly as a teacher.

Start playing Pokémon shuffle right now

When you start playing you will immediately enter a kind of tutorial or training so that you know how to catch pokémons. In each phase of the game you will be presented with different pokémons to catch. By aligning your elements you will weaken the pokémon that we want to capture.

When we increase the level we increase our experience points. With these accumulated points you will have a probability level of future captures. At each level you have certain turns and it is a very important point to take into account to evolve.

In two turns you can capture a Pokémon since there are levels in which you can line up more than three Pokémon and use much more force than at the beginning.

Another point to take into account is that when catching a water pokémon for example; the pokémons to align that would be powerful would be the plants.

We recommend you practice to the fullest in the first levels because when you go up everything becomes much more complicated. In the game we can regenerate a life every half hour; you can also buy hearts with your coins to play.

By spending 2,500 coins you can have more capture ratio. When you download Pokémon Shuffle you will find items to buy that will be useful during the games.

The most important thing is the exchange of jewelry for hearts. One recommendation is to try to save the jewelry to buy coins.

The experience points that a phase has are key. One point of experience for each turn that has a phase will help us in capturing the wild pokémons. By knowing this you can know what the best phases to level up are.

How to download Pokemon Shuffle?

To get rid of Pokémon Shuffle you can go to Google Play and the App Store for Android and IOS for free. Within this app you can unlock movements by making extra payments.

But if you can save your elements you can do those same plays with patience. Below we leave the link for you to download Pokemon Shuffle.

Download Pokemon Shuffle and know all the powers of your pokémons. You can be the best catching the wild pokémons. In the app now at the end of a zone you will receive 5 lives and some free goals.

Facing Ampharos will make you level up quickly since it has 50 turns which will give you more experience. In this scenario you can defeat a strong Pokémon and train yours for future clashes.

A final tip of this game is to plan your play before starting your game. Find all the crosses you can align regardless of their orientation and do as many moves as you can without losing time

Video of Pokemon Shuffle
Download Pokemon Shuffle
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