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Creating all kinds of documents quickly nowadays is extremely easy due to all the apps that have been created for it. We have options like GoogleDrive, OneDrive and which we will talk about today, Polaris Office. Download Polaris Office to start using this tool.

 This app is perfect to help you create and edit office documents at any time from your mobile device.

Being able to store our files in the cloud and have access to them at all times is the most attractive feature of this app.

Within a single app you can create spreadsheets in Excel, write reports in Word or create amazing PowerPoint slides from one place. We recommend you download Polaris Office to ensure you have a tool that will help you to the fullest in your busiest days.

Polaris Office is the best all-in-one you can have on your device

When you download Polaris Office we will not have to worry about the type of file we are improving. You will not need to download a converter to be able to open a document.

In this app you have the possibility to view any document time in PDF, open the TXT or HWP, without any problem.

As we mentioned before, one of the options most appreciated by users is the option to save our files in the cloud and thus be able to edit them from anywhere at any time. You can also choose whether to synchronize this app with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

For the most creative, downloading Polaris Office will make you work on your skills. You can draw with your hands and write on the screen as if you were using paper.

You can also take images directly from your gallery and use it in documents if you want to make the process much faster and easier.

Upon entering the app you will find a series of large icons alluding to a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file. Here you will only have access to a few species of guides that will help you to use the program.

If you want to start creating just go to the top bar of the screen and select the icon that looks like a sheet with a cross or positive sign in the middle. Here you will see the options that Office file use.

After selecting your Office file, you will only have to follow the steps that are presented to you, almost in the same way as its desktop version.

It is a very intuitive app because it works like the Office files we know in a classic way. Polaris Office is a very useful app that turns your mobile device into a small office.

How to download Polaris Office?

You can download Polaris Office in the App Store and on Google Play for free. It is part of those more than 80 million users around the world who have decided to stay connected safely to the cloud to streamline their work from day to day at all times. Below we leave you the link to download Polaris Office.

Accessing the app from different devices does not have to be a problem; your documents will stay updated due to your connection in the cloud.

Another incredible option is that you will have an advanced search function that will allow you to find a file with just one word of the text you enter. Download Polaris Office right now on your Smartphone.

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Polaris Office

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